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Premium Mystery Box Unboxing – PLUS MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!

Sponsored Post – my Mystery Box was gifted to me by Fabricake.


Hey Cake Chums!

I know I said that I wasn’t going to shoot a video last week, but that was before I received a very exciting package in the mail on Saturday morning.

It seems that my buddies at Fabricake, Hayley and Michael, have relaunched their Mystery Boxes, but don’t be fooled – these aren’t just any mystery boxes… These are PREMIUM Mystery Boxes valued at over £100 a pop!

Costing just £49.95 to purchase, they seem a little bit too good to be true, so when Hayley asked if I would like to check one out for myself and naturally, I leapt at the chance!

You can check out my unboxing video below:

Or why not head over to my YouTube channel to watch it in its natural habitat?

Oh, and be sure to stay tuned until the end as I will be GIVING AWAY most of the contents of the mystery box AND a whole host of other cake goodies too. I think it might just be my biggest YouTube giveaway to date!


I must say a massive thank you to Hayley and Fabricake for sending me one of their Premium Mystery Boxes. I had a great time checking out all of the goodies, and sharing them with you all of course. If you would like to order a Mystery Box of your very own, you can find them over at the Fabricake website at this link – as well as the Premium Mystery Boxes, they have also launched a Halloween Box, a Christmas Box and a Cupcake Box! If you do order one, make sure that you get in touch to let me know what you find in yours!

DISCLAIMER: While I was sent my Fabricake Mystery Box for free, I have not been paid to make this video and all of the comments and opinions therein are my own genuine reactions to the product.

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We’re Back in Business…

Hey cake chums!

Welcome back to another issue of Something Sweet – your weekly slice of all the latest news from the world of cake!

Rather than repeat myself, I’ll let you check out this week’s What’s New on Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog feature to catch up on all of my news, but after an unexpected week off last week and a tricky few days, you’ll be pleased to know that this week, we are back in business and I have been hard at work, scouring the web to bring you the latest cakey happenings.

Perhaps most importantly in this week’s issue, we’re following Rosie Cake-Diva (and Lillie) to Northern Iraq with an extract of her brand new blog post all about her recent work with Khalsa Aid International. I’ll be honest with you, cake chums, it isn’t an easy read – but that is why it is so important that you DO read it – and then head to Rosie’s website to read the rest. And if you are able to help in any way at all, I have also included Lillie’s fundraising link at the end of the extract.

We’re also checking in with Rhu Strand and learning about her new venture, Cake Minds, and finding out how we can get our hands on the latest cakey innovations from Evil Cake Genius, whilst avoiding crippling international shipping fees and custom charges.

We take a look at the return of one of my favourite floral collaborations and, of course, we have all of your favourite regular features too – so let’s get stuck into the latest issue of Something Sweet.

Find it at this link

Rob xx

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Goodbye, my friend…

Thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations on the birth of baby Ellie and their get well wishes for my lil’ fur baby, Buster.

I thought I ought to get in touch again and give you an update – although I’m afraid it isn’t good news.

After I wrote Sunday’s blog post, Buster’s condition continued to worsen, with him becoming increasingly withdrawn and refusing to eat – which honestly never happens. The boy loved his food.

He seemed to be in considerable distress, in spite of no outward sign of injury – in fact, he had stopped limping on what had previously appeared to be a lame leg.

It eventually got to the point that we were so concerned that we took him to the local emergency out of hours vet (at around 11:30pm last night), where it was discovered that he was suffering from cardiac arrhythmia and his heartbeat was much slower than it should have been. The vet believed that he had probably suffered some form of heart attack over the last day or so – lack of strength in the extremities can be an indication of this, hence the perceived lameness.

We were warned that his prognosis was not looking positive and he was whisked off to receive oxygen, with a whole barrage of tests planned for the following day.

Unfortunately, at about 2:00am this morning, we received a phone call to say that he was not responding to treatment and that he was losing his battle. We had to make the reluctant decision to allow the vet to put him to sleep, rather than prolong his considerable suffering any further.

Buster was a real character and everyone that met him couldn’t help but fall for his personality and charm, and he will be missed dreadfully. He gave us nearly ten wonderful years and leaves a real hole in our family.

I don’t yet know what this means for this week’s online output yet – I’m not sure yet if I will be able to face shooting this week’s video and so on – but I will keep you guys informed as the week progresses and I thank you again for your well wishes yesterday.

Much love,

Rob x