Something Sweet – Issue 41

What’s new on the blog this week?

It’s been a quiet week over at Mr Baker’s Blog and, dare I say it, on planet cake too?

As a result, Something Sweet is a little bit shorter this week, but I hope you’ll agree that it’s still chock full of fabulousness.

Oh, and that’s not to say that I haven’t been busy beavering away on lots of lovely content for you guys (keep an eye on the blog this week to see what I mean) and I’m sure the same is true of all of you. So, I’ll reiterate what I said last week – make sure you keep sending your news my way to ensure I don’t miss anything, mmmkay?

This week I am mostly loving…

This week I (finally) had the chance to play with Renshaw’s Extra Ready to Roll sugarpastes – in colour!

One word, guys: WOW!

They have been available on the continent for a while now and I had been so desperate to get my hands on some that I was even considering getting some shipped over.

Luckily, I don’t need to worry about ridiculous shipping costs anymore as it is now available at Vanilla Valley, Cake Stuff, The Cake Decorating Company and a lot more besides.

With same strength, smoothness and elasticity that we have come to know and love from Renshaw Extra, but available in a whole host of colours, I really do think this could be a game changer you know…

If you have already had a play with the new Renshaw Extra colours, then let me know what you thought. And, if you haven’t, then get to it! You won’t be disappointed!

The hottest ticket in town!

If you’re looking for a special Christmas present for the caker in your life – or even better, for yourself, then you might want to head over to The Sugar Lair Facebook page, where Kate Parsons has a special gift for us all.

For one weekend only, Kate is offering a massive 10% off ANY of The Sugar Lair courses confirmed for next year!

That includes classes from Peboryon’s Phil Jensen, Serdar Yener, Lumas Cakes, Mariya’s Cakes and Art, Albenas Cake Design, Ceri Griffith and Ana Mourinho Remigio.

If you fancy taking advantage of this fantastic offer, you’ll need to be quick as it closes tomorrow – Monday 10th December at 10am! Head here to find out more…

Oh, and if you have already booked a class, don’t worry – you can get 10% off your balance payment if paid in full this weekend.

Thanks, Kate!

I wanna make that!

I am really looking forward to seeing the latest tutorial from Zoe Burmester at Sugar Street Studios which will be going live later this morning.

Her Baby Rudolph Cake (with a light up nose too!) is due to be published at 9am today and, as an extra special early Christmas present for us all, Zoe will be showing us how to make him – from start to finish – for FREE!

To check it out, head over to Zoe’s YouTube Channel, Sugar Street Studios – and while you are there, don’t forget to subscribe!

The Collaboration Station

Some of the talented members of one of my favourite caking groups over on Facebook, Bakerswood, came together this week to reveal their latest collaboration: Jirafas The Challenge.

The collection, which celebrates one of the most beautiful creatures to exist on our planet, brought together a whole host of talented sugar artists from all over the world to pay tribute in edible mediums.

As always, I can’t fit all of the incredible works of art here, so instead I have chosen a mere selection. Please do head to the dedicated Jirafas The Challenge Facebook page to check out the rest of the stunning collection in all its glory. You can find it here.

Congratulations on a fabulous collaboration to all involved.

Meet the maker…

Time to meet another of the faces behind the amazing cakes that brighten up our news feeds every day…

What is your name?

Kristy Court

How long have you been making cakes?

I’ve been making cakes for years, but ‘making’ cakes (i.e. properly decorating, rather than a sprinkle of icing sugar) for about 5 years.

Hobbyist or professional?

Although I think I’ll always think of myself as an enthusiastic hobbyist, as I now have paying customers, I guess it’s time to admit that I’ve moved into that scary realm of being a ‘professional’. I still feel like I have so much to learn!

What was your first cake?

I think my first cake was one I made for my Mum’s birthday – just a simple ‘chuck lots of chocolate fingers around it and hope they stick’ one!

What is your favourite of all the cakes you have made?

Cupcakes are what I really enjoy, and my favourites to date have to be the ones I made for this year’s Cake International. There was a real emotional attachment to them, I think, because it was my first competition.

Who is your cake hero?

Oh gosh…! I’ve never really thought about this before! There are so many lovely people in this industry,and those I have met have genuinely been friendly, welcoming and not adverse to answering daft questions. 

I think Lara Mason is amazing, simply because she balances making her outstanding, huge creations with her real life – I honestly don’t know how she does it!

To be honest – anyone who has the guts to put their work out there into the great wide world, be it online or in competitions, is a hero to me! God, that sounds really sappy!

Where can we see more of your work?

You can find me on Facebook as Stardust Cupcakes and I’ve just started up an Instagram page for my little cakes too!

Cake of the Week!

I think many of you have probably noticed that I am a huge Marvel fan (my tattoo sleeve is a fairly big clue)…

…so when I saw this awesome Groot cake by Alessio Nobili Sperandio Ercini of Cakes & Decorations by Alessio e Anna this week, I was blown away!

I love the way that he has layered up the highly textured pieces to create such a fabulous finish.

I’d love to be able to tell you more about it, but sadly my Italian is rusty. Perhaps Alessio can fill us in when he sees this…?

In the meantime, I’d like to offer my congratulations to Alessio on a fantastic creation and MARVEL-lous Cake of the Week!


Now, I’m sure you all know the incredible work of Georgia Ampelakiotou of Georgia’s Cakes, but did you see the fabulous creation that she whipped up for her daughter’s birthday this week?

Georgia’s daughter turned ten yesterday and she was surprised with this breathtaking creation – I can’t even imagine what the reaction was like…

It’s my birthday next month though, Georgia if you fancy whipping up another one? I’d be happy to film my reaction…!

I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

And finally…

I’ll be out of action for the rest of today as Mummy Baker is celebrating a rather big birthday today. Please join me in wishing her a wonderfully happy *whispers* 60th birthday and I’ll look forward to coming back and reading what you thought of this week’s issue when I get home.

Oh, and before you go – don’t forget I am always crying out for your guest contributions for both Something Sweet and Mr Baker’s Blog as a whole,so if you fancy featuring in a future issue as a ‘Meet the maker…’, a ‘Spotlight on the Boys’, ‘The hottest ticket in town!’or any other of our weekly features OR if you would like to publish a tutorial, a recipe or a post about an event, experience or topic you are passionate about on Mr Baker’s Blog, then get in touch today!

To get in touch, you can reach me in a variety of ways: you can comment below this week’s issue, message my Facebook page, post in the dedicated Mr Baker’s Blog from Mr Baker’s Cakes Facebook group or email me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Before you go…

Once again, thank you to everyone that has already given me their vote in the UK Blog Awards.

Yes, it’s true – the ‘powers that be’ have shortlisted Mr Baker’s Blog for the ‘Best Culinary Blog’ 2019.

If I am to proceed to the finalist stage, it is now down to your votes. So, if you haven’t already voted and feel you would like to, then you can find the voting form at this link.

Handy hint: I am on the second page of the culinary blogs.

While you’re there, you can also vote for your favourite blogs in all of the other categories if you wish, but don’t feel you have to.

Thank you and thanks for your ongoing support!

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