Something Sweet – Issue 47

Hey hey hey, cake chums and welcome back to another issue of Something Sweet – the weekly online magazine from Mr Baker’s Blog with all of the latest news from the world of cake.

Apologies for the early start this week, but I am off to Cardiff today on a highly secretive cake adventure. All will be revealed soon though – well, if you’re good.

But in the meantime, let’s get down to business and see what you have all been up to this week in issue 47 of Something Sweet.

What’s new on Mr Baker’s Blog this week?

I had great plans for content this week, but between feeling a bit under the weather for a few days (I was even off work dontcha know) and a minor delay in receiving some brand contributions, they never really came to fruition. That being said, yesterday, while I was supposed to writing this issue, I had a very productive day of procrastination, designing new headers for the blog (see above), my Facebook page AND my Facebook group, which I have now renamed Cake Chums – gotta stay on brand, eh?

I also wrote a whole post of procrastination-fuelled ramblings – you can read it here if you’d like.


Have you heard…?

If you are not online friends with any of the team involved with the Sweet Impressions installation for the Cake & Bake Show in Essen, Germany later this year (including me) or even if you are, then you still may have missed the exciting news that we launched our crowdfunding platform this week.

The team of talented cake artists from all over the world will be joining forces at 2019’s Cake & Bake Show in Essen, Germany to create an edible Victorian garden, complete with picnicking family, statues, fountains, animals and more, all created entirely from cake.

The display, entitled Sweet Impressions, will be the first of its kind, with guests at the show being invited to walk through it, taking photographs with the life-size picnicking figures and statues, and even making their own flowers to add to the display!

They will also be able to make donations to support the amazing work of the Essen Parents’ Initiative – a wonderful charity that supports children with cancer, and their families – allowing them to stay together in a home away from home, while they receive their lifesaving treatment.

They can do so by dropping money in our edible wishing well, bidding on our edible creations and also by entering for their chance to win one of two very generous gift baskets.

But don’t worry, if you can’t join us in Essen, you still can help us by donating to the cause via our crowdfunding campaign.

If you would like to help us stand united for childhood cancer, then please head to this link and donate what you can.

On behalf of my colleagues and I, we thank you! We appreciate your support!


This week I am mostly loving…

Unexpected cake goodies in the mail!

If you caught yesterday’s blog, then you will have seen that I received some rather exciting PR packages this week. While I am usually very happy to spend my own hard-earned pennies on the latest bits of cake gear, I really do appreciate it when brands reach out as it means I get to tell you all about the latest developments in sugarcraft, without being limited to only what I can afford to spend – I’m still on a public sector wage, after all! 😉

This week’s exciting deliveries included some new developments to come out of both the PME and Crafty Designs HQs and I can’t wait to share them with you all – along with some of the other bits and pieces I already have residing on my development shelf (it’s basically a physical ‘to do’ list that just stares at me and makes me feel guilty whenever I look at it).

I’m also looking forward to including some of these new and exciting products in some of my very first YouTube videos – the first of which (my official launch video) will be up very soon!

In the meantime, do stay tuned to see what is coming next and if you have a particular product or service you would like me to check out for you, then please do get in touch!


The hottest ticket in town!

How does a long weekend of cake classes, massage, wining and fine dining sound to you?

If your ears pricked up at the thought of that, then I may have just the ticket for you.

Returning for its second year, The Cake Retreat is back with yet another action-packed and all-inclusive itinerary that includes luxury accommodation, delicious food, a luxury spa afternoon, a nine-course menu tasting at the gorgeous Castle Leslie and four days of learning from top sugarcraft artists, Cake Masters Magazine’s Rising Star 2018 Corinna Maguire and internationally renowned wedding cake artist Emma Stewart.

Across the weekend, you will learn how to construct a fabulous sculpted bust cake AND to create a stunning two tier wedding cake, including those all-important sharp edges, design artwork, transferring artwork, royal icing piping, stencilling, layering details and a statement flower.

Last year’s retreat was a huge success and I was lucky enough to publish an exclusive guest post review of the weekend. If you think that you might be interested in attending this year’s event, then be sure to check it out to find out what you can expect. You can find it here.

If you would like to know more about the Cake Retreat 2019, then you can check out the team’s dedicated Facebook page right here or why not send them an email.


I wanna make that!

Did you see the latest adorable tutorial to be published by Zoe Burmester of Sugar Street Studios?!

Zoe’s Tutti Frutti Cake went crazy on Instagram last year when she originally shared it, so she thought it was time to pass it on to us all.

If you would like to learn how to make Zoe’s kawaii-inspired Tutti Frutti Cake, then you need to get your hands on her full colour, step by step PDF pictorial. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Just head to her website and sign up for the Sugar Street Studios newsletter and it will be sent straight to your inbox. It covers basic airbrushing, working with wafer paper and crafting chocolate fruits. It looks like a super fun project and I’m definitely going to have a go at it soon!

Find Zoe’s website here.


The Collaboration Station

On Monday of this week, the Cake Collective published their latest collaboration, Motown in Sugar – a celebration of 60 years of amazing music.

Originally founded as Tamla Records in 1959, the Motown Record Corporation was officially incorporated in 1960 and its name, a portmanteau of motor and town, came to epitomise Detroit, where the label was originally headquartered.

A huge part of the racial integration of popular music as an African American-owned label that achieved significant crossover success, Motown was responsible for almost 80 top-ten records in the Billboard Hot 100 between 1960 and 1969 and launching the careers of legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and many more besides.

This wonderful collaboration celebrates some of the most recognisable artists of the Motown movement and I am delighted to be able to share just some of the contributions with you.

Be sure to swing by the group’s dedicated Facebook group to check out the rest of the wonderful pieces. You can find it here.


Meet the maker…

What is your name?

I’m Helen Ducker and I own Helen Ducker Cake Design.

How long have you been making cakes?

Oh gosh, for years now, but I really got into it about 4/5 years ago after becoming ill with number of chronic conditions, including Crohns. Baking became my therapy, if you like (so cheesy, I know – but it’s true!).

Hobbyist or professional?

I’m a professional – in fact, I just opened my brand spanking new shop and teaching studio in sunny Bolton!

What was your first cake?

My first ‘proper’ cake was a Christmas cake – it tasted good and was very proud of it. Looking back on it now though, it looked awful!

I’ve come a long way from then to where I am now, creating wedding cakes, teaching basic skills and even competing and exhibiting at Cake International.

What is your favourite of all the cakes you have made?

So, my favourite is not my most elegant, technically skilled or my best, but it would have to be the cake I made for Manchester Children’s Hospital’s cancer ward party.

I was really ill at the time, but I had promised them a centrepiece cake and so they were getting a a centrepiece cake. I was so chuffed that I managed to pull it off and now I make one for them every year.

Who is your cake hero?

It has got to be Karen Portaleo! Her sculpting is phenomenal. I did a class with her once and the way she broke down how to sculpt the human face, age it, make it masculine or feminine… She’s just awesome!

Where can we see more of your work?

You can check out my Facebook page here, my Instagram here or you can swing by my website.


Cake of the Week!

This week’s cake of the week is a bit of a special one, as it was created by our talented winner for her own daughter.

Kelly Alger of Caked Away created this fun and colourful masterpiece to celebrate her daughter Molly’s 18th birthday and it features a whole multitude of her favourite things lovingly recreated in sugar.

The characters are fabulous, but I particularly love the adorable writing.

I can’t wait to hear what Molly thought of her cake – I’m willing to bet that she was absolutely blown away by it!

To see more of Kelly’s fabulous work, head to her Facebook page right here.

Congratulations on a fabulous creation Kelly and a gloriously stunning Cake of the Week!



We all know him for his stunning collaboration work, but I have so much love for this gorgeous cake that Floren Bastante of Dulces el Inflón created for his niece’s 10th birthday this week.

Floren drew on his vast arsenal of skills, including hand painting and modelling, to surprise the lucky birthday girl with this edible homage to Disney’s Brave and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results are breathtaking.

Just check out that texture on the top tier!

See more of Floren’s work over at his Facebook page – find it here.


And finally…

As I’ve said a gazillion times before, Something Sweet is written for the cake community by the cake community and, as such, it relies on your submissions and contributions to work. So please do make sure that you are getting in touch each week to let me know all about your latest cakes and projects, collaborations, events, special announcements and more.

And if you have more to say, I also welcome guest posts on the blog too. If you would like me to publish a comment piece, a tutorial, a recipe or coverage of an event, experience or even just a topic you are passionate about, make sure you get in touch…

You can reach me through my Facebook page, the dedicated Mr Baker’s Blog from Mr Baker’s Cakes Facebook group or by emailing me directly.

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