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10 Things Mr Baker Can’t Live Without | GQ Bootleg

Happy Sunday, Cake Chums!

It’s time for another video and, this week, it’s the return of ‘BUT CAN WE CAKE IT?’, my series where I take on the latest YouTube trends and challenges, but from a definitively cake-related perspective.

In today’s video, I’m taking on the latest trend that seems to be blowing up on the platform… the ‘GQ Ten Essentials challenge – bootleg style’! And, of course, in the true spirit of ‘BUT CAN WE CAKE IT?’, we’re putting a uniquely cakey spin on it, sharing the “10 Things Mr Baker Can’t Live Without” or, in other words, the ten essential baking and cake decorating products and tools I need to survive!

Watch the video here:

As always, if you’d prefer to watch the video in its natural ‘habitat’ over on YouTube – or if you fancy getting your hands on some of the products I talk about in my ’10 Things Mr Baker Can’t Live Without’ list – head to the following link and check out the video description – I’ve linked them all for you! Go there now…

Oh, and I’m intrigued to know how your ten essentials would compare to mine… Would any items be the same? Did I miss any that you couldn’t live without? Be sure to let me know down in the comments – either right here or over on YouTube!

And until next time, happy caking!


PS. Are there any other YouTube trends or challenges that you would like to see me take on – but from a cakey point of view? Make sure you get in touch and let me know!

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