I don’t know if you’ve been keeping track, but this weekend sees all the exhaustive planning, the long LONG journeys to collect pieces, the immense expenses and, of course, all the hard work and generosity of my lovely team finally come together to bring my collaboration project, The Greatest Showpiece to life at a very special event on Sunday.

My cake room is currently buried (literally buried) under boxes of incredible creations and, as I am baking the edible components of this very special cake, right now my kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off in it – and yet, I’ve been sat here thinking, how on earth am I going to squeeze in this week’s #bakealongwithGBBO before next week’s episode.

Dessert week (or pudding week – it seemed rather confused to me at times) saw the bakers return to the tent in sweltering conditions to attempt a signature roulade, a seriously retro technical and – wait for it – spherical chocolate pudding showstoppers, that melt when a hot sauce is poured over them. I’m sure we’ve all seen them before – at least on social media, if not in real life – but in the heat of the tent in a heatwave?!

Now, this retro technical… the bakers were challenged to create a modern take on a traditional blancmange – yes, you read that right… blancmange – whipping up a light and creamy raspberry and almond dessert, served alongside buttery langues de chat biscuits.

If it wasn’t bad enough that the recipe required EIGHT sheets of gelatine to ensure it set adequately – meaning that little vegetarian me can’t even taste it – the Nordic Ware bundt tin required to form the blancmange costs £45.00!!

So, amongst all this self-induced stress, and knee deep in final preparations for my collaboration, I started wondering… Why am I doing this to myself?! I have enough on!

In a twist of fate, this week saw tent baker Terry unable to appear due to illness (which I’m sure is a Bake Off first?) and that got me thinking. Hey, well if Terry can miss a week (and please don’t think for a moment, I am making light of his predicament – I do hope he wasn’t too unwell and has since made a full recovery), then so can I.

And so, for the FIRST TIME EVER since my #bakealongwithGBBO began, I am going to call in. Sorry guys – too busy.

I do hope you’re not too disappointed that you won’t get to see me wrestle with blancmange – who knows, I may well decide to come back to it later in the series – but I’m feeling pretty confident that the reveal of The Greatest Showpiece will more than make up for any lingering regrets.

As I say, the piece itself will be revealed at an event on Sunday, but I’ll be keeping it offline until I have managed to pull together a super awesome video reveal – hopefully, only a day or so later. I have even roped in some of my family to ensure that all of the guests at the event get that message loud and clear… high maintenance? Me? Never!

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with a bit of a tease…

Oh, and if YOU have had a go at this week’s technical bake, I’d love to hear (and see) how you got on. Was it nice? And were your family and friends even prepared to try it?

Oh, and just a heads up, I’m also not 100% decided if I’ll be publishing Something Sweet this week either – it will all come down to how quickly I can get all of the Showpiece prep finished. I am but one man!

So, don’t panic if you can’t find it – it will definitely be back the following week!

In the meantime, take it easy – and feel free to wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “#BAKEALONGWITHGBBO: Week 4 – Desserts”

  1. Well done for even considering it ! I managed to squeeze in a roulade a chocolate one filled with raspberries and mascarpone cream complete with cracks and not much of a swirl but as the family came back for seconds and thirds I’m not too worried!
    Can’t wait to see your creation !

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