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Can you believe we are already at week five?! This series of The Great British Bake Off seems to be racing by and we are already at that fine bastion of Britishness, pudding week. Traditional, comforting and perfect for wet and windy autumn days, the humble British pudding is misunderstood the world over, but we continue to revel in their moreishness – the rest of the world be damned!

The judges set our bakers some lovely challenges this week: a signature steamed school pudding, technical molten puddings and showstopping ornamental trifle terrines – which are apparently a thing? Who knew…

The technical this week saw the return of staggered start times, previously seen during series one and series six – both times for soufflé technicals. As I thought last week, we were facing chocolate fondant-style puddings, but with the shocking inclusion of a molten peanut butter centre. Now, before I go any further, I need to be clear: I HATE PEANUT BUTTER! I think it’s vile stuff and I don’t understand how anyone can enjoy it. It is soooo dry, I feel like my tongue is shrivelling up like a prune when I eat it. With such an odd ingredient, you know it has to be one of Paul’s recipes… *eyeroll*

In a fairly nail-biting photo-finish, it was lovely Sophie who went on to claim the star baker crown, after a hat trick of great rounds including first place in the technical. At the other end of the pack, sadly James was the fifth baker to be sent home following poor showings in both the technical and the showstopper.

There were a few times this week when I debated leaving out the peanut butter filling for this bake. Because I hate it – have I mentioned that? But sadly, in my self-imposed rules, I agreed to make every technical, just like they do in the tent, so peanut butter is a must – unfortunately… *sad face*

With only an hour for this bake, there is really no time to waste, so once again I remembered to assemble my ingredients before I started the timer (are you proud of me?) and we were off…

I’m no stranger to a molten chocolate pudding, although I’ve always known them as chocolate fondants and so I wasn’t to concerned about this bake.

The recipe was straightforward enough and thanks to my prior experience, I had no dramas at all. I realise that that doesn’t make for interesting reading, but I think I was due an easy week after the previous trials and tribulations Paul and Prue have put me through! I can’t even find a potential issue in the recipe or bake time this week – perhaps they have caught on to my conspiracy theories?!

However, can I just say, peanut butter does not work in a molten chocolate pudding. Although, yes, when I tried them I was practically gagging – I did also ensure I had a couple of peanut butter liking chums on hand to give me an impartial opinion. Their verdict was, “Nice enough, but the peanut butter doesn’t really ‘go’”. So I feel thoroughly vindicated. On the downside, I also have four spare puddings with no takers. Anyone want one?

I can’t even remember what next week’s theme is and I haven’t the time to check – I need to go and scrub the peanut butter taste from my mouth.

In the meantime, head over to my recipes section to take a gander at Paul’s recipe for his molten puddings and please do let me know what you think, if you have a go.

Until next week…!

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