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Baking along with the Great British Bake Off: Week Two – BISCUITS

Hey Cake Chums!

It’s week two of The Great British Bake Off and, this week, the bakers were tackling biscuits – with a chocolate-covered biscuit bar signature, a fig roll technical and a showstopper that saw them crafting elaborate biscuit sculptures.

As I explained last Friday, every week during series 10 of GBBO, I will be attempting each episode’s technical challenge, following the same rules, timings and recipe as the bakers in the tent and filming the entire experience, before uploading it over on my YouTube channel.

So in biscuit week, that means I was tackling Paul Hollywood’s fig rolls – a slightly spicier take on the classic recipe.

The bakers experienced mixed results with their technical creations, and I won’t lie, it’s certainly trickier than it looks – you can see for yourself in my video below…

Or click here to watch the video over on YouTube.

So, have you watched Biscuit Week yet? As always, no spoilers, but were you as sad as I was to see a certain someone go home? Have you already got a favourite baker? Are you planning on attempting Paul’s fig rolls? Or will you be having a go at any of the other Biscuit Week recipes? Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments section below.

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Thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you on Sunday for another issue of Something Sweet magazine!


PS. If you fancy having a go at Paul’s fig rolls, you can find the recipe here.

1 thought on “Baking along with the Great British Bake Off: Week Two – BISCUITS”

  1. They look good, well done.
    I made these as well and I found them very easy to make. Next time I’m not going to add any water, as the figs are soft anyway.

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