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Caking Catch Up…

Hey Cake Chums and welcome back to Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog!

After a bit of an onslaught of posts over the last week or so, you may have noticed that things have quietened down again here on the blog. Don’t worry, I’m not slipping back into my old, neglectful ways. It’s actually just been a really busy few days in the Mr Baker’s Cakes kitchen.

Yes, while it may be the summer holidays and most of my teaching colleagues are hopefully taking a well-earned break, this tends to be the time of year when I inevitably end up cramming in as many baking and cake decorating projects as I can.

In fact, I have spent the last few days working on a recipe and tutorial for a brand new client and I managed to send everything off to them last night (two days early dontcha know – let’s hope they don’t get used to that!). I’m now in that really stressful period where I have to wait and see if they are happy with the work, and that it meets the brief I was set.

Of course, I will tell you more about that when it is all released, but for now, let’s just say… it’s a really big deal client. Like the biggest of deals… so wish me luck that they love it!

Next up, I’ll be in the Kenwood Kids Club this afternoon, demonstrating how to bake my Traditional Rock Cakes (which you can also find right here on my website if you fancy having a go at them), so feel free to come and watch along LIVE!

And in this week’s YouTube video, I’ll be unboxing a rather exciting parcel that I received this week. Keep your eyes peeled over on social media over the next few days if you fancy a sneak peek at what you can expect from that…

Much as I’d love to say that next week is a little quieter, I would definitely be lying. I’ll be making a very special cake for a very special event (and filming the entire thing for you guys too, of course); we’re celebrating our first birthday in the Kenwood Kids Club; I’ll be going LIVE over on the Renshaw Baking Facebook page, as part of the Renshaw Summer School; AND let’s not forget jetting up to Syon Park for Foodies Festival: London!

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And until next time, as always… happy caking!

PS. Before you go… have you entered my competition to win a copy of the brand new book from Jane’s Patisserie? If not, make sure you check out my latest YouTube video to find out how you can win…

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