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Could I be Britain’s Next Top Model-ler?

The short answer is no, but after Vicky Turner of The Yellow Bee Cake Company went Live! on Facebook to reveal that she had been beavering away behind the scenes with the lovely Rachel Wyatt-Brown of The-Old Piping Bag to create a line of exclusive food-safe silicone moulds, cast from her very own models, I must admit that I was itching to have a play with them.

Well-known for her cute and adorable modelling, I have often wished that I was able to model adorable figures like Vicky’s (not to mention work as cleanly as she does!) and when I realised that Vicky and Rachel had made it possible for us all to emulate Vicky’s stunning work for ourselves, I was genuinely excited! As a result, I featured the new moulds in that week’s Something Sweet and, on seeing my comments, Rachel very kindly sent me some to try.

Thank you again, Rachel! 😍

Now, of course I have already posted my Easter offerings for this year’s big day, but I still wanted to give the new moulds a go as soon as I could, so I decided to whip up a batch of Easter-themed cupcakes for us to enjoy at home over the bank holiday weekend.

To give me a base to build my models on, I used the leftover sugarpaste that I had used for the boards of my Easter Buddies and replicated the same scrubbing brush technique to create a grass effect for my cupcake toppers. Once I had done this, I used a fluted cutter to cut out a selection of shapes – way more than I needed, of course, but it never hurts to be prepared for the worst!

When using the moulds themselves, Rachel recommends washing them in hot soapy water and allowing them to air dry before the first use. She also advises that one uses modelling paste or flower paste to get the best results. Luckily, I had a packet of Renshaw Modelling Paste tucked away, so I was good to go.

To mould the bunnies themselves, I used my white paste as it comes and I was watching Vicky’s Live! video religiously on playback to ensure that I did it right. I left them in for a few minutes to firm back up, but I did struggle to remove the more delicate parts (the arms) from the mould first time. I decided to pop them into the freezer briefly and that worked like a charm.

However, the smaller parts on the accessories moulds were much easier to use, even with freshly coloured paste, and I found myself making oodles of each accessory – way more than I needed – simply because they were so quick and simple to do. I even started to experiment by adding multiple colours to one accessory – like the patterned Easter egg and the daisies – and I loved the results that that produced.

I did have one sticky moment (literally) when I tried to handle the just-out-of-the-freezer bunnies a bit too prematurely, so if you do resort to a bit of chilling, remember to let any condensation dry first, but other than that, I found the moulds incredibly easy to use – and I should clarify that I don’t really use moulds, so those that are used to working with them should find these a dream.

Assembling the pieces together is best done with edible glue and do allow your models time to dry before handling them too much. Running around the house to show them to people just after you have put them together is not advisable – unless you want a trail of ears, tongues and feet littering the ground behind you. *ahem*

Available in two different poses and with a choice of accessories, each of the sets of bunnies come with two moulds – one Cute Rabbit mould and one Accessory mould.  You can also mix and match, by purchasing the extra Accessory mould or take advantage of the special launch offer for all four of the unique moulds – for the bargain price of just £27.50! They are all available directly from Rachel’s website, The Old Piping Bag NOW!

The cupcakes I made used all four of the moulds and I can already see many ways that they could be used for other projects too. The bunnies themselves could easily be adapted to other animals with the substitution of some different ears and accessories (and a little bird tells me that some extra moulds might be on the way to do just that), the carrots are perfect for decorating a garden cake or even to top a miniature carrot cake and the daisy is so adorable, I think I’ll be put them on everything I make from now on!

A quick preview, from my ‘little bird’ friend, of how the new accessory kits can completely change the look of your mould.

Annoyingly, I took my photos before it occurred to me to dust my bunnies ears, cheeks and belly with a little blush pink to add some additional colour (like Vicky suggests in her video), so learn from my mistake and ensure you allow time for that. It really helps bring your creations to life.

And while I don’t think my modelling, even with the help of her wonderful moulds, will be vying for Vicky’s modelling crown anytime soon, I’m sure you’ll agree that my tasty Easter treats would brighten up any special celebration.

Thanks again to Rachel for sending me these lovely moulds and to Vicky for her oh-so-helpful video (and for answering all my annoying questions). And if anyone else has had a play with the new moulds from The Old Piping Bag with The Yellow Bee Cake Company, do let me know what you thought!

And until next time, happy caking! x

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  1. Aw how lovely of you! Thank you so much. Your cupcakes look super cute. Cat, Mouse and Rat accessories available later this week 🙂

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