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Death knell sounds for Rolkem in the UK

It appears there have been further developments in the ongoing #rolkemsaga, which seem to be sounding the death knell of the brand in the UK.

Following the previous recall initiated by Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd at the formal request of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the FSA had requested a number of ingredient details from the brand to ascertain a better understanding of the product range. The information requested has not been provided and so the FSA have taken the decision to issue a Food Alert for Action to local authorities to withdraw from sale the entire Rolkem range with immediate effect – that is ALL products manufactured by Rolkem.

Their advice to anyone that has bought Rolkem products is to immediately cease using them in products intended for consumption, while local authorities will begin visiting specialist cake decorating suppliers to ensure that all products supplied from Rolkem have been withdrawn from sale.

You can find the full announcement from the FSA here.

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