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Don’t mention the C word…

Sorry I have been ignoring you of late. I don’t know about you, but I am NOT ready for the big day. There are still presents to buy, Christmas cakes to finish and don’t even ask me about Christmas food… *wails*

I took it upon myself to make eight Christmas cakes this year and an additional load of mini ones too. As it stands, I have finished two: one for my brother, which will never be posted online (sorry Paul) and one to be raffled off to raise money for my school.

The cake raising money for The Victory Primary School

Our own cake, my mother’s, my mother-in-laws and the copious remaining gift cakes are still languishing in a marzipan-covered purgatory awaiting their final covering and decorating.

At some point, I still need to whip up the various signature bakes that people have come to expect from me over the holiday season and, of course, finish my Christmas shopping and buy some food for the hoards that will be descending on my dining table come Christmas Day…

It’s not all bleak though – today marks the final day of school (after the LONGEST autumn term in history – literally) and then preparations can really step up a gear. I even hope to be able to shoot some of my Christmas cake decorations for the blog – here’s hoping!

How are things going your end? Reassure me – no one else is ready, right? RIGHT?!!

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