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Episode 2 of Mr Baker’s Cake School is LIVE!

Hey Cake Chums and welcome back to episode 2 of Mr Baker’s Cake School.

As you may already have seen, every Friday, during the national school closures, I am going to be uploading a child-friendly baking lesson (with the occasional bit of maths and more squeezed in too) to help support you and your families with your home learning.

This week, we’re baking the perfect British scone and, if I do say so myself, they are absolutely delicious!

Since I announced the results of this week’s poll (over in my YouTube Community tab), I’ve had a few people get in touch and say that they would love a little bit of help with scones, so even if you don’t have children, you may well find the answers to some of your scone-baking dilemmas within this week’s episode.

Pay particular attention to my top three scone tips about halfway in – they really do make all of the difference!

You can watch the video right here on the blog, or why not head over to YouTube where you can catch up on last week’s episode and hit that all-important subscribe button.

If you and your family bake along with episode 2 of Mr Baker’s Cake School, then please do share the results of your baking adventures with me over on social media – I love seeing what you are all baking at home and, you never know, your photos might just make it into next week’s video!

You can find me on Facebook here, Instagram here and on Twitter here.

Oh, and please do share feel free to share the video with any individuals or groups that you think would find it useful.

Until next time… happy caking!


Easter Bunny Cake - Renshaw Facebook Live

PS. Who caught my Facebook LIVE over on the Renshaw Baking Facebook page earlier today? If you missed it, don’t worry… you can get all caught up at this link.

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