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Goodbye, my friend…

Thank you to everyone who sent their congratulations on the birth of baby Ellie and their get well wishes for my lil’ fur baby, Buster.

I thought I ought to get in touch again and give you an update – although I’m afraid it isn’t good news.

After I wrote Sunday’s blog post, Buster’s condition continued to worsen, with him becoming increasingly withdrawn and refusing to eat – which honestly never happens. The boy loved his food.

He seemed to be in considerable distress, in spite of no outward sign of injury – in fact, he had stopped limping on what had previously appeared to be a lame leg.

It eventually got to the point that we were so concerned that we took him to the local emergency out of hours vet (at around 11:30pm last night), where it was discovered that he was suffering from cardiac arrhythmia and his heartbeat was much slower than it should have been. The vet believed that he had probably suffered some form of heart attack over the last day or so – lack of strength in the extremities can be an indication of this, hence the perceived lameness.

We were warned that his prognosis was not looking positive and he was whisked off to receive oxygen, with a whole barrage of tests planned for the following day.

Unfortunately, at about 2:00am this morning, we received a phone call to say that he was not responding to treatment and that he was losing his battle. We had to make the reluctant decision to allow the vet to put him to sleep, rather than prolong his considerable suffering any further.

Buster was a real character and everyone that met him couldn’t help but fall for his personality and charm, and he will be missed dreadfully. He gave us nearly ten wonderful years and leaves a real hole in our family.

I don’t yet know what this means for this week’s online output yet – I’m not sure yet if I will be able to face shooting this week’s video and so on – but I will keep you guys informed as the week progresses and I thank you again for your well wishes yesterday.

Much love,

Rob x

13 thoughts on “Goodbye, my friend…”

  1. So so sorry Rob, Bobbit and Treacle. You’re in our thoughts. Love Vicky and Paul and the mogs.

  2. Ah Rob, I’m so sorry. It’s so hard losing a much loved pet. My thoughts are with you xx

  3. I too had to say goodbye to my fur baby and best bud last year, he was only 7.
    I still miss him loads and even a new kitten didn’t fill the void, but has helped me cope.
    Time is a great healer and that you’ve given him a wonderful life and you must treasure the happy times xx

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Having to say adios to a fur-baby is so hard. Sending much love, us 4 and the mogsters. X

  5. I feel your pain, Rob. Take care of yourself and take all the time you need. Xxx

  6. Oh so sorry for your loss. These furbabies give us so much love and leave a massive hole when they are gone xx

  7. Oh Rob, I’m so sorry. It’s so hard when we have to say goodbye to our fuzzy family. Sending love and hugs from me, Crash and Bad Kitty. ❤️

  8. Sending you all lots of love. Our fur babies realpy are our babies and it’s heartbreaking to watch them suffer.
    Sending you and your family love from our family x

  9. So sorry to hear the sad news about Buster. Even when we know it’s the right decision it’s still incredibly hard to say goodbye to a much loved furbaby. My heart goes out to you and yours ❤️

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