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I think I’m in love…

I often talk about how I consider myself a reformed shopaholic and regularly advise those new to caking that they don’t actually need ALL THE THINGS to make beautiful cakes. That’s one of the reasons why I include the ‘I couldn’t live without…’ section in my weekly newsletter, (A Weekly Slice of) Something Sweet actually – to show new cakers that even the biggest names in the industry often rely on the simplest of tools to create their masterpieces.

And while, for the most part, my reformed status is true, every now and then, there will be a certain cake product that just crawls under my skin and whispers ‘You really need me in your life…’

If you are familiar with the Shopaholic book series by Sophie Kinsella, you will know that the protagonist, Becky Bloomwood often imagines how other people will see her once she has acquired her latest potential purchase: “So I buy it. The most perfect little cardigan in the world. People will call me the Girl in the Gray Cardigan. I’ll be able to live in it. Really, it’s an investment.”

Quite honestly, that’s how I have felt about my latest purchase for the longest of times. Pretty much since last November when my friend Vicky of Yellow Bee Cake Co. bought one first. So actually, it’s really her fault, thinking about it.
 But I digress…

In my head, I was imagining that people will call me The Guy with the Enviable Cake Tool Case. I will be able to take it along on all of my deliveries (bearing in mind, I don’t sell my cakes – so deliveries usually just means competition set-ups) and for when I demonstrate (which I have NEVER done!), but you never know, that could change in the future. It’s forward thinking. Really, it’s an investment.

And yes, that is what this mysterious purchase is. The very gorgeous wheel-along tool caddies from Italian tool manufacturer, Cerart – and mine actually IS grey too – just like Becky’s cardigan.

And I also bought the matching tool case inserts as well, of course. Because, investment.

With the inserts, there is literally a home for all of my favourite tools (and a fair few more besides), with just the right amount of clearance for my apron, whites and anything else I might want to sit on top. It’s like it was made for me.

And it is beautiful and I love it. Possibly a little too much.

A couple of weekends ago, I actually DID have a delivery, when we celebrated the wedding of my brother to his lovely new wife. Setting up their wedding cake (their gift from us) was the perfect opportunity to take my swanky new addition out on the road and, do you know what? It was actually really useful.

When I have made wedding cakes in the past, I usually rocked up on the day with a ton of ‘bags for life’, stuffed full of the things that I might need, but inevitably I always forgot something.

This time, because I was carrying pretty much my entire cake room in my new case, I not only had everything I had anticipated needing, I also had all sorts of other useful bits and pieces that I was able to whip out as the need arose. The florist had the wrong posy picks? Not to worry, I have a variety of spares! You need more scissors? I have some!

*whispers* Granted I would probably have taken these things in my ‘bags for life’ too – but, this time, I looked really professional and efficient doing it!

And if I’m honest, it’s just pretty. Can I be blamed if I like beautiful things in my life?

If you would also like to invest an incredibly useful, but possibly a tiny bit frivolous ‘swanky tool case’, you can find them at Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd and they come in a choice of four colours. And remember, as always you can take advantage of my partner discount of 10% using discount code: MRBAKER10 – so really you’re actually SAVING money! That Martin Lewis has got nothing on me…

You’re welcome!

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