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I’m feeling very hot and a little bit bothered…

I’ve been a bit quiet again, haven’t I…? Sorry.

It’s been a big week at school AND a big week in cake this week so I have rather neglected you again.

At school we have been having our transition days – the days when we all move to our new classrooms and meet the children that will be joining us in September – which is always exciting! Luckily, I’m staying where I am this year, so hopefully I won’t have quite so much to do during the holidays to prepare for next year, which means lots of free time for fun cake-related shenanigans!

Which brings me to this week in the cake room, where I was working on a cake for a friend of mine. I was tasked by our mutual friend of creating something with the interesting theme of… seafood sticks. Yes, really.

Battling the elements, I whipped up one of my signature original-recipe chocolate mud cakes with milk chocolate ganache (and FINALLY having a fridge big enough to store cakes while I’m working on them was a real lifesaver this week, I can tell you!). Due to the heat, the final didn’t turn out quite as polished as I’d hoped, but I got it done and my friend loved it, so that’s the important thing.

Everyone thought they were rhubarb… *sobs*

The heat has also been having an impact on some of my older pieces that I still have on display. Santa seems to have finally given up the ghost and I am watching my Nadine bust like a hawk. Is anyone else having to deal with such sugar fatalities?

Rather excitingly, I was also working hard on a rather exciting project that I am in the process of putting together. It’s all a bit secretive at the moment, but I will hopefully be sharing a little bit more about it next week over at my other blogging home – Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd. I’ll let you know when I can tell you more!

But in the meantime, how has your week been? Are you still coping with the heat? I’d love to hear what you’ve been working on.

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know what has been happening in your corner of the sugar world for this week’s Something Sweet!

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