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Introducing… the Kenwood Kids Club!

Hey cake chums,

Apologies once again for neglecting you of late, but hopefully the following announcement will explain why…

I am super thrilled to finally be able to tell you that I am joining #TeamKenwood as the host of their brand new weekly cooking show, the Kenwood Kids Club!

As you know, during lockdown, alongside my own weekly Mr Baker’s Cake School videos, I was also filming a monthly live baking demonstration over on the Kenwood Facebook page. Well, during our…. ‘conversations’, the team at Kenwood and I realised that we share a very real passion: encouraging and inspiring the next generation of junior cooks, chefs and bakers to get creative in the kitchen!

After lots of discussions, Zoom meetings, socially distanced in-person meetings, phone calls and even more besides, the Kenwood Kids Club was born!

Designed to be a fully immersive and interactive experience for our young cooks, chefs and bakers, the Kenwood Kids Club will include weekly live cooking and baking demonstrations over on our brand new YouTube channel, as well as a whole host of other activities, competitions and more at our new website, which you can find at this link.

So if you know of any creative cooks, budding bakers or… (ok, I can’t think of an alliterative adjective to go with ‘chefs’) …enthusiastic chefs, then I do hope that you will be able to send them over to join me on YouTube at 4pm today for our first LIVE cooking demonstration, during which we will be making a batch of deliciously zingy lemon cupcakes!

And don’t worry if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, because we’ll also be turning our attentions to a whole host of savoury recipes too!

Over the next few months, I’m also going to be joined by a whole host of incredible guest chefs, including food writer and chef, Theo A Michaels and TV presenter and Celebrity Masterchef winner, Angelica Bell! You really won’t want to miss out, so head to the website now to find out more and I’ll see you at 4pm for episode one of the Kenwood Kids Club!

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