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It’s an honour just to be nominated…

Like many of you, this week, I have been thinking about my nominations for this year’s Cake Masters Magazine Awards.

As I explained in last week’s issue of Something Sweet, Mr Baker’s Blog is all about recognising and sharing all of the wonderful things that you are all up to in the world of sugar, so I always look forward to a chance to celebrate the brightest and best of the Cake World at the annual awards evening.

However, whereas in the last few years, I was only really familiar with my own little corner of Planet Cake, since starting my blog, I have come to know even more amazingly talented people, which is making it incredibly hard to choose just one favourite in each category – this clearly called for some thought.

You also have to complete your nominations in one go – you aren’t able to start, save and return later – so you might wish to start on paper before heading to the nominations page.

The categories for this year’s awards are

  • Cupcake Award Nomination
  • Sculpted Cake Award Nomination – Sponsored by Renshaw Academy
  • Best Cookie Award Nomination
  • Royal Icing Award Nomination
  • Wedding Cake Award Nomination – Sponsored by Renshaw
  • Sugar Flowers Award Nomination – Sponsored by Squires Kitchen
  • Modelling Excellence Award Nomination
  • Rising Star Award Nomination
  • Best Product 2018 Award Nomination – Sponsored by Cake International
  • Collaboration Cake Award Nomination
  • Best Magazine Cover Award Nomination
  • Best Learning Experience Award Nomination
  • Best Show Piece Award Nomination – Sponsored by Roxy & Rich
  • Cake Hero Award Nomination
  • Best Cake Show
  • Best Retailer Award Nomination – Sponsored by Rainbow Dust
  • Cake Artist of the Year Award Nomination – Sponsored by The Cake Decorating Company

The theme for my nominations this year has been to recognise up-and-coming talents – those that I haven’t seen recognised at the awards previously – and while I have no intention of sharing my picks here (let’s not open that can of worms), I’ll be crossing my fingers that at least some of them make it into the finalist line up.

I only wish that we could celebrate all of the incredible talents out there in the cake world, but I think Natalie Portman summed things up nicely in a Vogue interview a few years ago…

‘I think it’s a great honour to win an Oscar but I think if you aim to be rewarded in your life you’ll get nowhere. I think that the biggest reward is the work itself and what you get out of it and the connections you make with other people.’

If you would like to nominate your favourite cake talents, then you can head to the nominations page right now, by clicking this link.

And good luck to you all…! x

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