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Join me for #cakershour – tonight!

Hey cake chums!

I do hope you are all doing well and that you are managing to keep yourselves busy during this period of isolation.

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure that the days are already starting to blur together – which is the main reason that this week’s #cakershour blog is coming to you so late! I had completely forgotten that it is actually Wednesday today! I hope the rest of you are not quite so forgetful and that you’ll still be able to join me for #cakershour!

Because I know so many of you have now shut up shop and paused trading during the current government-imposed lockdown and because we are still waiting to hear official confirmation of how the government plans to support the self-employed while they are unable to work, I thought that we would keep things fairly casual this week and just have a catch up and a check in.

If nothing else, I’m sure that many of us would just appreciate the chance to engage in some adult conversation!

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For that reason, this week’s focus questions will be:

What is the current state of play with you? Are you at home with family, children or all alone?

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy over the last couple of days?

In an ideal world, is there anything that you would like to achieve during this unexpected period of ‘free’ time?

Is there anything that you would like some support with?

What are your top tips for surviving the lockdown?

I do hope that you will be able to join me for #cakershour this week over on Twitter – I’ll see you there…


The Twitter #cakershour is hosted by Mr Baker’s Cakes and takes place every Wednesday from 9:00pm. To find out more, check out the intro post here.

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