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Meet the Maker: the Cake Dutchess

As I said yesterday, Mr Baker’s blog is all about sharing what all the talented individuals in the world of cake are up to all year around.

Sometimes this means I get to speak to some truly inspirational people and I feel truly honoured that so many of them are happy to give me a little bit of their time – particularly when it comes to agreeing to interviews, as they can be pretty time-consuming for them.

I know you guys have been enjoying them though and so – teaser alert – I have some real humdingers heading your way in the next few weeks…!

I thought we’d kick off the latest round by sitting down with the legend behind the Cake Dutchess brand. Etty van Urk is well-known for her stunningly adorable modelling and for being the creator of the hugely popular Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste, but that is just the start of things as far as this entrepreneurial whizz is concerned.

Originally from the Netherlands, Etty now lives in Scotland and originally started decorating cakes in 2009. However, after falling out of love with making cakes-to-order a few years later, she began to develop her love of modelling.

Since then, she has gone on create her own modelling paste; recorded an incredible number of free tutorials, which she shares on her Facebook page; recorded classes for both Pretty Witty Cakes and Craftsy; and is now in the final stages of developing her own line of tools AND writing her first book – all while being a full-time mum of two! Wowsers!

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is time we get to know this incredible lady a little bit better, so check out my full interview with Etty via the interviews tab in the menu.

And stay tuned – you won’t believe who is coming next…!

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