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New Video Alert – Tried and Tested: Jane’s Patisserie Recipe Book

I’m sure you’ve heard the news… The Jane’s Patisserie Recipe Book is finally here, so naturally, we have to put it to the test in the Mr Baker’s Cakes kitchen.

I’ll be honest, there are so many recipes in Jane’s book that I couldn’t even begin to choose which one I was going to tackle. I ended up putting up a poll over on Instagram and I had so many responses! It seems that I wasn’t the only one looking forward to getting stuck in to some of these recipes.

I very nearly decided to take on Jane’s recipe for cinnamon rolls (one of my absolute favourites), but then someone suggested I should attempt the book’s cover star recipe, which seemed like the logical choice. If nothing else, I should be able to get some great photos – as long as it turns out ok. So yes, in this week’s video, I’ll be having a go at the recipe for Jane’s Patisserie’s Salted Caramel Cake!

But that’s not all… I’ve also picked up two extra copies of the book which I will be giving away to two lucky subscribers. Stay tuned until the end of the video to find out how YOU can win…

You can of course watch the video right here on Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog, but if you’d prefer to watch it in its natural ‘habitat’ over on YouTube, you can head to the following link: Tried and Tested: Jane’s Patisserie Recipe Book.

You will also need to watch over on YouTube if you want to enter my giveaway.

While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe!

And until next time, happy caking… x

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