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New Video Alert – Unboxing the NEW Kenwood Pastels Collection

I completely forgot to post this on Sunday… but at the weekend, I was finally able to unbox a very exciting package that I received from Kenwood recently – the NEW Kenwood Pastels Collection!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Kenwood releases, they recently announced some new arrivals to the kMix family, including the kMix Editions collection, available in Sage Green and Juniper Blue and the kMix Pastels collection, available in Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

You can probably guess which colour I have been clamouring after, so I was truly excited to finally get my hands on one of the new Kenwood Pastels Collection mixers last week! And obviously, I saved the unboxing until I was able to do it with all of you over on my YouTube channel…

You can of course watch the video right here on Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog, but if you’d prefer to watch it in its natural ‘habitat’ over on YouTube, you can head to the following link: Unboxing the new Kenwood kMix Pastels Collection.

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Oh, and also while you’re there, don’t forget, you only have two more days to get your entries in for my Jane’s Patisserie recipe book giveaway, so if you haven’t already entered, check out this video too: Tried and Tested: Jane’s Patisserie Recipe Book Review and GIVEAWAY. In some rather exciting news, I might have had the books signed for you too…!

What’s that…? Why is Jane of Jane’s Patisserie in the Mr Baker’s Cakes kitchen? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to know exactly what we’re up to, but if you stay tuned to both my Instagram Stories and Jane’s, you might be able to spot a few clues…

But for now – until next time, happy caking… x

1 thought on “New Video Alert – Unboxing the NEW Kenwood Pastels Collection”

  1. Doh – I have accidentally purchased one. It was so pretty i couldn’t resist. Seriously don’t need one as I already have a cream kmix. I wonder if they will bring out the hand mixer in pastel pink! I have the magenta kmix hand mixer.

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