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Please don’t ask me! It’s too hard!

A question I am often asked by people is ‘Which of your cakes is your favourite?’. A seemingly innocent question at first glance, in cake circles one could almost consider it akin to asking a parent which of their children is their favourite!

Each cake that I have made is not merely just a confection to be consumed; they all have their own story behind them; their own trials and tribulations along the way; their own challenges and learning opportunities to develop my craft; and of course, in most cases, their own delighted recipients.

Depending on the day, I suppose you might get told it was my first ever entry into an international competition – not only because it won me my first award, but also because it marked a shift in my own belief in myself. I finally had the courage and faith in myself to believe that I was good enough.


However, on another day, you might be told that it was my first Harry Potter cake, back in August 2015. Made for one of my best friends and about a book series that I adore, this was probably the first cake that I poured all of my heart and soul into – it was so important to me that everything was perfect (mandrake notwithstanding!). It also enjoyed a brief moment of viral fame – with over 2.5m views on Facebook, which I certainly didn’t hate.


Another possibility would be the first entry in my #grumpypug series, which was originally created for a public collaboration with Tartas Imposibles. This little chap, who unbelievably took practically no time at all to make (the one time nothing went wrong), marked a change in the way I photograph my cakes and also helped me achieve my (so secret I hadn’t even told anyone in my life about it) goal for 2016 of appearing in a cake magazine – the fame-hungry little tyke popped up in Cake Masters Magazine, Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine and even Pasteles de Ensueno Magazine!


Or the cakes that I have made to raise money for local charities – that have contributed over £2000 to their deserving causes? How can one choose a favourite when they all did so much good?


But of course, these are big milestone events and I haven’t even begun to touch on those cakes that are special because of whom they were for or perhaps the occasion. Being able to surprise my grandmother-in-law on her 80th birthday with a lifesize replica of her own sewing machine in cake, being able to contribute to the awe and wonder of someone’s wedding with the gift of a wedding cake or even the little (well – little for me) character cakes I make my godchildren and nephew for their birthdays are all incredibly special because they were made with a good dose of love and affection for the recipients.



To be honest, it would probably be easier if you asked me which of my cakes is my least favourite. But that is a post for another day…

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