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Say Hello to Summer – Cake Share Event!

Summer is officially here and it seems that the weather actually got the memo this year – with the mercury already hitting 31°C in some parts of the country (yes, I know some of you live in places that are far hotter than that – but in the UK, we get very excited by a bit of sunshine!).

Of course, once we get back in the kitchen, the heat can be a bit of a challenge for those of us not used to caking in warmer conditions – air-conditioning is a very rare luxury in the UK, so the summer months can be pretty darn tricky – with buttercreams, sugarpastes and ganaches all playing up! Panic stations!

But do try not to get hot and bothered! I firmly believe that sugarpaste can smell fear.

To keep our spirits up during this tricky week, I thought I’d host a bit of a cake share over on my Facebook page. It’s been an age since I have done one and nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing and sharing some of the fabulous cake work being produced out there.

If you would like to join in, head over to Facebook and post your favourite summer or sunshine themed cake to my page – or why not post in the Mr Baker’s Blog from Mr Baker’s Cakes Facebook group? And please don’t think you have to be the best caker in the world to join in – all are welcome and never forget, we were all beginners once!

I’ll be sharing some of my favourites across the week and I’d love to discover some new up and coming talents as a result too!

And if you have some top tips for summer caking, why not share them too? You never know whose sanity you might just be saving!

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