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If you are following my social media channels, then you may well have seen that yesterday I posted up my epic 30-minute-long vlog from our week in New York City.

As I’d teased here previously, during our weeklong adventure, we spent one of our days exploring just a little slice of the New York cake scene, expertly guided by my buddy Jean Schapowal of Cakes with Character.

However, when it came to the video, I figured it was only fair that you got to experience ALL of the delights that the Big Apple has to offer. So yes, the result is an epic half hour vlog that takes in many of the most recognisable sights of Manhattan, with a quick jaunt over to Brooklyn thrown in for good measure too.

Obviously, one can’t discover ALL of the delights of New York in just one week, but we certainly gave it a good try, covering over 80 miles in just eight days.

If you fancy checking out what we got up to, and catching some snippets of my personal highlights of the trip, you can check out the video below.

Quick PSA: I did have some issues with sound during the trip but I have done my best with what I was able to salvage. I hope this doesn’t affect your viewing experience too much.

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