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The Cake International countdown begins…

You may have noticed that we didn’t have any brand new content go up on Tuesday this week – there is a reason!

We have now reached that period of the year where things start to go a bit mad in the run up to Cake International and I really need to start focusing on my exhibits.

In the next few weeks, I have two collaboration contributions to finish and then four – yes FOUR – pieces to create for Cake International! 😳

If you watched last week’s Live over on the Cake International Facebook page, you will have heard that I am creating one of the key centrepieces for the Santa’s Grotto feature – a life-sized Father Christmas – and the plan is that our younger (read smaller) visitors to the feature will be able to sit on his lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas and a have a picture or two taken, of course…

But that is not all!

I am also creating a piece for the King of Horror feature, celebrating the life work of Stephen King – and that will also have a surprise or two up its sleeve.

Then there is a lil’ contribution to the Sugar Witches display, which I am helping my buddy Vicky Teather of the Yellow Bee Cake Company put together.

And, that’s before we even get to the competitions! Now, again, if you watched my Live, you might be thinking, ‘But you said you weren’t entering this year.’ And yes, while it is true that I am not entering in my own right – I am contributing a piece to one of the collaboration entries, which I’m sure seems to get larger every time we discuss it as a team! 😳😂

So yes, while I will still be filming a new BakealongwithGBBO video each week and publishing a weekly issue of Something Sweet, the rest of my regular content will be somewhat sporadic – for the next few weeks at least.

I am hoping to be able to shoot a couple of tutorials alongside my upcoming creations – covering some of the elements that I will be incorporating – but I don’t want to say too much just yet, just in case, I’m not allowed to!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how you are getting on with your CI prep? Who is well on the way to finishing? Who’s procrastinating about even getting started? And who are those irritatingly organised people who have already finished?

Oh, and if you have any advice on where I can hire (or borrow) an automatic van big enough to transport a life-sized Santa, plus three other cakes and all of my gear for my demonstrations then I would also love to hear from you. That’s the bit I haven’t quite figured out just yet. Well, that and how I’m going to get Santa off and on the van too (will anyone be bring a forklift to CI?).

But that seems like a problem for future me to worry about…!

In the meantime, make sure you stay tuned for more Cake International related sneak peeks and previews in the run up for the show and, as always… happy caking!

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