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The Mr Baker’s Blog Hen Night Cupcake Challenge

Hey cake chums and welcome back to the blog.

It’s Thursday and you know what that means… It’s time for another video!

Next month, my baby sister is getting married and guess who she asked to be her ‘maid’ of honour?! Yup, it’s meeeee! *sob*

But, have you ever wondered what would happen if you let your cake-obsessed, primary-school-teacher-brother organise your hen weekend? Well, you probably haven’t, but luckily today, you get to find out anyway… It’s time for Organised Fun with Rob!

In fact, I planned a full weekend of Organised Fun, drawing on the many awesome skills of my sister’s super-talented friends (let me know if you want to see the results of my makeover in the Make Up Challenge). However, for my own special segment, I challenged all of the hens to the Mr Baker’s Blog Cupcake Challenge, giving them just 45 minutes to create elaborately decorated cupcakes, taking inspiration from the bride herself, her demon cat and the story of how they originally met.

I was actually super impressed by how well they all did – and, if I’m honest, a little disappointed that there weren’t as many tantrums and breakdowns as I’d hoped. As always, I’ve kept things family-friendly for my internet audience though, so don’t worry, there are no unsavoury surprises ahead – well, now I’ve saved 95% of the footage for the blooper reel…

Check out the video:

I do hope you enjoyed it – and I must say a huge thank you to all of the hens for indulging me, joining in with the fun AND for letting me shove cameras in their faces throughout.

As always, let me know what you thought of the video and if you have any ideas for future videos you would like to me to shoot, then pop them in the comments below or get in touch through one of the regular channels…

You can reach me through my Facebook page, the dedicated Cake Chums – with Mr Baker’s Blog Facebook group, by emailing me directly or why not drop me a line at:

Mr Baker’s Blog
PO Box 752
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Thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you next time! x

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