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It’s Tuesday – time for a new recipe…!

Hey cake chums!

As promised, August has seen a return to my regular posting schedule and this means that you can expect some new and original content from Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog every single Tuesday. The first Tuesday of the month means it is time for a brand new recipe – and this is one that has been kicking around the Mr Baker’s Cakes kitchen for a while now.

Today, we are taking our inspiration from my baking muse – the original Mrs Baker – my grandmother Joan – not one of her recipes, but rather memories of the treats she would also have on hand during the lengthy car journeys of my childhood.

Like all good grandmothers, mine never failed to have a tasty treat on hand (usually something homemade actually) and car journeys were no different. You could always guarantee that at some point the centre console would be opened and out would come some form of traditional sweet (or candy for my American friends). Ever since then, certain sweets have retained the magical ability to take me straight back to my youth and today’s inspiration is no exception.

Inspired by one of my grandmother’s favourite ‘long drive treats’ – traditional Chocolate Limes – my Chocolate Lime Cupcakes marry the zingy flavours of fresh lime and rich, dark chocolate creating a combination that is both refreshing and decadent – I don’t know about you, but I always think that chocolate always benefits from a sharp citrus flavour.

If you fancy checking out the latest recipe from the Mr Baker’s Cakes kitchen, you can find it via the recipes tab above – or you can hit this link.


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