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Time for a new video – Ask Me Anything…

Hey cake chums!

Have you checked out this week’s video yet?

As my planned guest had to cancel at the last minute, this week I decided to shoot my first ever Ask Me Anything video – answering real subscribers’ questions!

Yes, earlier in the week, I invited you to submit your questions via social media and you definitely didn’t disappoint! There were some pretty darn tricky questions sent in… Not to mention some real head scratchers!

To see how I got on when I tried to answer them, you can watch the video below – or why not head over to YouTube to see even more of my video content.

A massive thank you to everyone who sent in a question and apologies if I wasn’t able to answer yours this time around. If you fancy getting involved in a future Ask Me Anything, head down to the comments and ask away…

And until next time, happy caking! x

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