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Time for another slice of Something Sweet…

Hey cake chums!

Welcome back to another issue of Something Sweet, your weekly slice of all the latest news from the world of cake!

Issue 66 of Something Sweet's cover, featuring an adorable cake by Jean Schapowal

I hope you love our adorable festive cover this week. Jean Schapowal of Cakes with Character created her masterpiece for the Cohens Children’s Medical Center and I bet the children absolutely loved it!

In this week’s issue, we have a lot of firsts! The first time we have featured A Class Act all the way Down Under (I have Australian readers too after all!), the first time I have published on of my own tutorials in this week’s I Want to Make That, the first time I have handed off control of Have You Heard? to one of my wonderful advertisers (just you wait and see why, though!!) and the first time that we have had an exclusive sneak peek at a new collaboration before it is even released!

And if all that is not exciting enough, this week, I also chatted to one talented caker who surprised the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan with a very special cake during this week’s Late Late Show.

I guess I’d probably ought to stop rabbiting on and let you get to the issue – find it at this link!

Rob xx

1 thought on “Time for another slice of Something Sweet…”

  1. Hi Rob, We have a heap of great cake artists here in Australia. Take a look at Verusca Walker – Verusca’s Cakes, Margie Carter – Margie Carter Cake World, Jacinta Perkins – Kidacity, Monica Cavallaro – Morish Cakes, Zoe Byres – Sugar Art by Zoe Byres just to name a few.

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