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Welcome to Some New Arrivals…

Following my recent post regarding my favourite cake tools, I thought it might be time for a follow up. As you probably know by now, I am a hobby baker and cake decorator in the truest sense of the words and so I am always looking for products that I can get hold of quickly and simply and usually very last minute. I’m not always the most organised cake decorator you see! Although I have some great contacts with cake decorating suppliers now, I still buy most of my ingredients and supplies at my local supermarket and hobby supplies shop and one of the brands that I have naturally formed a bit of an allegiance to is Renshaw, mainly because it has been so user-friendly and accessible – not to mention, they have been so supportive of my charity and fundraising work!

Made from a combination of Renshaw Ready-to-Roll icing and Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste.
Topper made from Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste.

With that in mind, I have some rather exciting news to share with you all! It has been so hard to keep it to myself, but now I don’t need to! Working on The Magical Dragon Machine, we were lucky enough to have a bit of an advanced preview of some new products that the boffins at Renshaw headquarters have been working on.


Following their official launch at Cake International two weeks ago, I am delighted to now be able to introduce them to you all: Modelling Paste, Petal Paste, Belgian Milk and White Chocolate Modelling Paste and Confectionery Ready-to-Roll Icing in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel.


Not only that, but after huge demand (not JUST by me), they’re bringing their Renshaw Extra product to the UK! For anyone who’s unfamiliar with Renshaw Extra, it’s their premium paste (on a par with some of the most popular market-leaders), which can be rolled extra-thinly to give great coverage. It’s also really elastic, which makes it is great when working on deep, sharp-edged cakes and sculpted novelty cakes too. Ideal for me!


Renshaw have carefully considered the needs of their UK consumers and have expanded their range to ensure that they have a product to meet our every cake decorating need. They’ve even put together a handy guide to help us select the right product for each job. As they say themselves,

“Covering Paste is on the softer end of our scale, and is great for sheeting and covering, whereas Petal Paste is our firmest paste and can be used for flower making and intricate petals.”

Renshaw Guide
Image sourced from: 

Over the next few weeks, in the lead up to Christmas, I will be producing a variety of festive tutorials showcasing each of the new products and demonstrating how you can use them to produce fantastic results on your next bakes and cakes. If you have any particular requests, make sure you get them in quick!

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the new line of products available from Renshaw Baking, you can check out their range of handy guides, available here:


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