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What a palaver!

So this week has seen a frenetically busy week at school, a fairly full-on week cake-wise, some personal stuff that has taken quite the emotional toll and of course the trauma of Forgotten Bakes week on Bake Off (Bakealong post to follow).

It also seems that this is a prime week for my latest cake project to start misbehaving.

It’s very easy, when following cake artists online, to imagine that these wonderful pieces just roll out of their kitchens or studios on some kind of magical production line, but actually a ton of work goes into producing a piece of edible sugar art and sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Often this can lead to even better results, but sadly not always.

The piece I am working on at the moment is one of those bucket list cakes that you always mean to get around to attempting, but life usually gets in the way. On this occasion, a prime opportunity to resurrect it from languishing in purgatory appeared and I leapt at it.

Like my Harry Potter Cake from 2015, this project is one of those cakes that I always say to myself, “If I’m going to do it, then it has to be amazing. No half measures allowed.” I can’t say too much now, because at present, the recipient doesn’t know anything about it, but it’s supposed to be based on a movie character that holds a great deal of special meaning for me.

However, every now and then, as cakers, I think we have to be realistic about the state of play with a particular project and decide whether a piece can be salvaged or whether it is time to jack it in and start again. I think I’m going to have to face the fact that today is one of those days where it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s happened before and I’m sure it’ll happen again.

Unfortunately, this is where being a part-time cake artist and a full-time teacher has its drawbacks, because there simply isn’t time to start again and still pull off my vision for this cake. And if a bucket list cake isn’t living up to my vision, then it isn’t leaving my kitchen.

You might be sat there wondering why I’m telling you all this at all, rather than pretending that whatever I do manage to produce this week is what I always intended?

Well I could do that, but don’t you think we can all take heart in knowing that everyone has a bit of a disaster every now and then? It’s how we come back from it that counts.

For now, that means a mad dash to bake another load of cake and let’s see what happens…

Wish me luck!

1 thought on “What a palaver!”

  1. Yes I know that feeling too well. Last night I made a gin bottle, didn’t get to bed till 3.30am. Bottle looked great. Woke up this morning and it looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. Nothing I could do as I also have a full time job. Panic stations.

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