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What can I do to help?

Hey cake chums,

First of all, let me say a big thank you to everyone who joined me and my guest hosts, The Cake Professionals for #cakershour over on Twitter last night. It really was a humbling experience to see just how positive people were still managing to be despite so much uncertainty in the industry.

If you missed it, you can still search the hashtag ‘#cakershour’ on Twitter and scroll through all of the tagged tweets to get all caught up. And if you have any questions, worries or concerns that were not addressed during our hour together, you can also check out The Cake Professionals’ recent blog post. They have helpfully signposted us all towards some of the most comprehensive help, guidance and advice currently on offer for professional cake businesses. Find it at this link.

Moving forward, I am keen to explore how I can continue to support my #cakechums during this period of imposed isolation, particularly following the latest news that for many children schools will be closing their doors for the time being. For that reason, I would like you to let me know, what would you find most useful from the Mr Baker’s Cakes online platforms over the next few weeks?

Feeling unsure how I can help

I am already in talks with my local schools about providing some additional child-centred video content to support parents that are having to keep their children at home. However, in regards to my regularly weekly uploads, would you prefer:

– A continuation of my usual format, with a combination of light-hearted videos, sharing simple cake decorating tutorials, product reviews and such like to take our minds off what is going on?

– Some recipes that can help you out in the short term (while there continue to be gaps on supermarket shelves), such as simple bread and pasta recipes to make at home with limited ingredients?

– An increased focus on some fun, simple recipes that you can follow along with your children, providing some additional support that you can draw on to keep them busy while they are at home with you?

– Any other ideas?

As I said during last night’s #cakershour, our online communities are going to prove so invaluable over the next few weeks and months. As a result, I am keen to ensure that, like many other amazing individuals within our communities, I am doing my bit to help and support you all during these unprecedented times.

Please do get in touch during the usual channels and I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.

Stay safe,

Rob xx

PS. You can reach me by commenting down below, by messaging me directly through my Facebook or Instagram pages or why not send me an email.

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