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Life just got a little bit sweeter…

Never again will you need to worry about missing something important in the world of cake… (A Weekly Slice of) Something Sweet is now LIVE!

Swing by Issue 1, to check out:

  • What’s new on the blog this week?
  • Have you heard…?
  • I couldn’t live without…
  • The hottest ticket in town!
  • I wanna make that!
  • The Collaboration Station.
  • Spotlight on the boys…
  • Help!
  • Meanwhile on Twitter…
  • Cake of the Week!
  • and more…

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Rosie Cake-Diva – a one woman phenomenon…

What do you get if you cross a trained architect, a helicopter pilot, a multi award-winning cake-making genius and a much-sought-after television presenter?


Well if you answered anything other than Rosie Dummer, then I have to ask: where have you been? The chances are, if you haven’t heard Rosie’s name before, then you will at least know her by her caking alter-ego, Rosie Cake Diva.

A staple at many of the country’s cake, baking and food festivals, she is probably as well known for her inimitable presenting as she is her show-stopping cakes. In fact, with a 2017 presenting roster that included both of the Cake International spring shows, the Bolton Food Festival, the London and Manchester Cake & Bake Shows, the Kirkcudbright Food Festival, Eat Drink Fest, Cake International: The World’s Largest Cake Show, The Cake Masters Magazine Awards, a weekly cake and bake show on The Craft Channel and, of course, her own show on BBC Radio Lancashire, it might be fair to say that in some circles, people forget that first and foremost, Rosie is one of the brightest stars of the UK cake industry.

Thankfully her return to the latest series of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers will soon put pay to that and I thought it was time for the rest of the world to meet the lady behind the microphone

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A Weekly Slice of Something Sweet – an introduction…

Over the weekend, I teased that there were going to be some exciting developments happening right here on the blog and it’s time for some more information…

As of today, I will be starting to compile the first issue of my new ‘e-zine’, A Weekly Slice of Something Sweet and I’m looking for your contributions – specifically for:

Have you heard…?
The biggest talking points in the cake world this week – what has got us all talking?

I couldn’t live without…
What tool or product has got you excited right now? It might be something new, or just something you can’t live without.

The hottest ticket in town!
What events are you heading to this week? A food fayre? A cake show? An amazing class? Tell us about it!

I wanna make that!
Which recipes or tutorials have made it on to your bucket list this week?

The Collaboration Station.
Which collabs have caught our eye this week…?

Spotlight on the boys…
What’s going on with the boys who bake?

Got a cake conundrum you just can’t figure out? Send it in and let our readers come to the rescue…

Meanwhile on Twitter…
What is happening over on the OTHER social network?

Cake of the Week!
Yes, each week will feature a themed cake share – and this week, the theme is LOVE! I want to see your Valentine’s Cakes or anything else that you think meets the brief… ❤

In celebration of the first issue, my buddies at Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd have put together a special prize bundle (thanks guys!). To win it all, all you have to do is send in a contribution and I shall pull one contributor out of the hat! So naturally, the more you send in, the more chance you have of winning…

To send in your contribution, please post to the page or send me a PM and don’t forget to look out for the first issue on Sunday! All contributors will be fully credited and linked too! xx