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…but not for us, because we are now a baker’s dozen-worth of issues into a weekly slice of Something Sweet.

It’s a mammoth one this week with two glorious collaborations, a thorough update on the Rolkem-saga from all parties involved, Janette MacPherson shares her must-have cake tool, we take a closer look at Floren Bastante and, of course, there are oodles of lovely cakes!

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A Royal Wedding is a piece of cake for Lara Mason Cake Art…

She’s only gone and done it again!

Last week’s Cake of the Week winner, Lara Mason of Lara Mason Cake Art was commissioned by the world’s largest cake show, Cake International to create a life size replica of soon-to-be-married couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to celebrate the occasion of their royal wedding on 19th May 2018.

Containing enough real cake to feed over 500 people, Lara’s piece will be this year’s official Cake International featured display and it is sure to garner a lot of attention from both the visitors to the show and the national press.

Cake International Event Manager, Melanie Underwood was blown away by Lara’s stunning creation and by Lara in general. ‘As an officially commissioned piece for the show, it will be under a lot of scrutiny by an entire army of both professional and amateur cake decorators and artists, but, from the start, Lara has faced that challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism.  When she first showed me the faces, I honestly thought they were photographs. I couldn’t believe she had sculpted these! She has been amazing to work with.’

Lara used an incredible 300 eggs, 15kg of flour, 15kg of butter and 15 kg of sugar to bake the all-important cakey innards for the piece before using over 10kg of buttercream to sandwich the layers together. Both cakes were then sealed within a coating of chocolate ganache before Lara applied around 20kg of modelling chocolate and roughly 50kg of fondant icing to create the couple’s realistic looks.


The whole thing took over 250 man-hours to create – over a period of six weeks – with a lot of that time spent designing the display and creating the custom-built frame on which she built the cakes. Lara confesses though that the most challenging part of the entire project was sculpting the very recognisable faces from modelling chocolate, over a fully edible chocolate skull. ‘It’s difficult to sculpt such famous faces because the general public probably know them better than Harry and Meghan do themselves!’ However, by combining a number of clever skills and techniques – even the eyes are edible and are made from poured sugar – Lara has managed to create a fantastic homage to the couple.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lara has tackled a royal. Her gold-award-winning Prince George cake, created for the Cake International competitions back in 2015, received a lot of international press attention and it is looking like her latest creations are going to have a similar response.

Lara wanted to create this new piece to not only to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding itself, but also to inspire others to take up the ever-changing and very exciting hobby of sugarcraft. She hopes that it will encourage people to visit the Cake International 2018 show, to enter the competitions or even just to spend time with other like-minded cake enthusiasts.

Cake International 2018 returns to the NEC in Birmingham from the 2-4 November 2018 and competition entries are available now! To find out more, visit the official Cake International website.

Congratulations on a fantastic project, Lara and I look forward to seeing them in the flesh in November!

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All About Avalon: another Mr Baker’s Blog exclusive…

As well as creating some of the most incredible cakes and sugar sculptures the world has ever seen, being the genius behind a ridiculous number of incredible displays and exhibits at cake shows across the globe AND running her own very successful online school of sugar art, Avalon Yarnes is quite simply a delight to know.


As featured way back in Something Sweet: Issue 1 earlier this year, she also recently launched The Cake and Cookie Planner – the essential tool to help sugar artists of all kinds pull themselves up out of chaos and give them the tools to help organise their business and creative lives!

After chatting to Avalon briefly earlier this month, I realised that it had been an absolute AGE since we had had a proper catch up and so I decided that this needed to be rectified immediately. And you’ll be pleased to know that I brought you guys along for the ride… 😉

You can find my full exclusive interview with Avalon right here