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What’s New on Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog?

Hey cake chums!

I thought I’d just drop by and quickly fill you in on what has been happening at Mr Baker’s Cakes HQ since my last update, this time last week. Like most of you, I am still isolating at home (other than going into school to provide childcare for the children of essential key workers), but I have been managing to keep myself pretty busy with a whole host of cake and baking-themed projects.

I know that many of you will have seen bits and pieces on social media, but if your timelines are anywhere near as busy as mine are at the moment, it can be easy to miss things. So to make things a bit easier, I thought I would just round everything up into one conveniently digestible blog post for you. Let’s get stuck in…


Renshaw Facebook Live

Renshaw Facebook Live - Mr Baker's Cakes

On Friday last week, I was invited to takeover Renshaw’s Facebook page to complete a live cake decorating challenge. To celebrate the release of the recently relaunched Renshaw Icing Multipacks and inspired by my live Christmas Cake Decorate-along back in December, Renshaw challenged me to decorate a cake in a theme chosen by one of their subscribers.

With only about an hour’s notice of the chosen theme, I’d like to think that I managed to pull something reasonably respectable together, but I’ll let you be the ultimate judge of that.

Renshaw Facebook Live - Mr Baker's Cakes' Bunny Cake

As always with Mr Baker’s Cakes live videos, it was a little bit fraught and a little bit rushed, but definitely a lot of fun. If you missed it, you can watch it back over on the Renshaw Facebook page now – find it at this link.


Mr Baker’s Cake School – Episode 2: Scones

Friday also saw the release of episode 2 of my brand-new YouTube series, Mr Baker’s Cake School and we were tackling scones.

Episode 2 of Mr Baker’s Cake School - thumbnail

While they might be everyone’s favourite element of the quintessential afternoon tea, scones can be tricky little customers to get just right, but thanks to a couple of top tips in this week’s video, you should find that all your future scones come out as perfectly as can be…

Mr Baker's Cakes - Finished Scones

I have already received some wonderful feedback from those of you who have baked along with last week’s episode, so thank you so much for getting in touch. And be sure to keep the photos of your bakes coming – you never know, you might just see them pop up in a future video…

And if you haven’t watched epsidoe 2 of Mr Baker’s Cake School yet, you can watch it here.


Kenwood Care Package

#KenwoodCarePackage - feaured

In lieu of a new issue of Something Sweet magazine on Sunday, I published a blog post letting you know all about how Kenwood are encouraging those of us who are baking at home to bring a smile to the most vulnerable members of our local communities.

As well as publishing a whole host of fun and easy recipes for you to bake at home and running regular Facebook Live sessions over on their page, in support of their charity of the year for 2020, Kenwood have pledged to donate £1 to Mind for every photo of your bakes that you share on social media with the hashtag, #KenwoodCarePackage.

If you would like to know more about the Kenwood Care Package campaign, you can find the full blog at this link.


What’s next?

As I teased in last week’s blog post, I am still hard at work on a selection of tutorials, including a really fun wedding cake project that I have called the Family Affair Doodle Cake. I’ll leave you to see if you can work out what this might mean…

Of course, this Friday will also see another brand-new episode of Mr Baker’s Cake School and, in honour of Good Friday, we’re baking Hot Cross… somethings. Well actually, it’s up to you! I am running a poll over on my YouTube community tab right now and you need to choose whether you would like to tackle traditional Hot Cross Buns, or something a little bit less technical, in the form of Hot Cross Muffins – all the flavours of a Hot Cross Bun, with quite a bit less of the effort.

To cast your vote, head to this link now! And be quick, the vote closes this time tomorrow!


Twitter #cakershour

Finally, you may have seen in last week’s #cakershour preview that I was debating suspending our weekly get togethers until after the lockdown is lifted and our businesses can resume trading. I put the suggestion to the group during last week’s session and the response was unanimously to keep them going as a weekly social for now. So that is exactly what we will be doing… 🙂

#cakershour with Mr Baker's Cakes

Saying that, I must confess that I am not able to attend tomorrow, as I am otherwise occupied. However, I am delighted to announce that the lovely Thirzah Slater of Cakey Goodness will be stepping in as your guest host for this week’s session (Thank you, Thirzah!).

I’m sure all of the regulars will all be in attendance too, so if you haven’t been able to join us until now, please do not worry… they will make you more than welcome – and hopefully I will be able to swing by for some of the chat at least…

Whilst we will be using #cakershour as a weekly social event, we will not be having a weekly business-focused theme, but we will still use some key questions just to focus our conversations and keep things moving. You can check out a sneaky preview of this week’s questions below…

Easter Week with Thirzah Slater:

Q1 What have you been baking or caking this week?

Q2 Are you planning any special cakes or bakes for the Easter weekend?

Q3 Are there any Easter bakes that you would love to have a go at and would like a recipe or tutorial recommendation?

Q4 What is your favourite Easter treat to either bake, eat or both and why?

Q5 Do you fancy another baking challenge?

I do hope you will be able to join us for #cakershour – we meet every Wednesday from 9pm-10pm over on Twitter – just search the hashtag #cakershour to get involved…


But anyway, there you have it… you are all caught up! As always, please do keep in touch and keep sharing the results of your baking adventures with me. You can connect with me on Facebook here, Twitter here and on Instagram here. And if you fancy becoming a part of the cake chums community, why not join the Cake Chums – with Mr Baker’s Cakes Facebook group at this link.

I do hope you are all keeping safe and well out there and, until next time… happy caking!


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