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Halloween Cakes and Craft Ideas

Hey #cakechums – and Happy Half Term to those of you with #minichums… and my fellow teachers!

I’ve spent the first half of this week’s break battling against a fairly significant bout of halftermitis, which, for those who don’t know, is the legendary cold that descends upon all teachers as soon as we break up at the end of term. Don’t feel bad for me though, if nothing else, it has forced me to take a break from everything for a few days and actually rest for once!

That aside, Halloween is fast approaching and, of course, it is going to look a little bit different this year. While getting all dressed up and heading out to parties or going trick-or-treating might not be possible, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have lots of fun with our families at home.

With that in mind, I’ve been working hard to come up with lots of Halloween cakes and craft ideas to support you with that, from spooky snacks, bakes and meals over on the Kenwood Kids Club YouTube channel, fun Halloween cake and cupcake decorating tutorials over on my own social media and even a Facebook Live cake decorating tutorial for the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild.

I’ve already seen some fabulous cakes and bakes from people who have followed my various recipes and tutorials, so I thought I would gather them all together right here for you guys to navigate your way around them easily.

I’ll also be adding my latest recipe for Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes (with real pumpkin) to the recipe section of Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog later today too, so if you fancy jumping on the Pumpkin Spice flavour train, you’ll know where to go…

But anyway, first up, if you fancy whipping up a fully decorated cake this Halloween weekend, I have two options for you:

My ‘Trixie Treat’ cake is a full photo tutorial for Renshaw and it takes you through every stage of creating your spooky trick-or-treater using clear step-by-step instructions and photographs. These cover everything from assembling and carving your cake, right through to all of those little finishing touches, which really bring your cake to life.

What’s great about this tutorial in particular is many of the skills and techniques shown – such as the Converse-style shoes, the bow and the eyes – can also be used on other cakes. If you fancy having a go at a Trixie Treat of your own, you can find the full photo tutorial at this link.

If you want your centrepiece cake to be a little darker and more mysterious (well, as dark and mysterious as my fun and colourful cake tutorials get…), why not have a go at my Spooky Cauldron cake?

This one was originally created as a photo tutorial for Fabricake, but this year, I also filmed a Facebook Live for the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild, where I recreated it once more. If you’d like to see me in action (and being my usual chaotic self), then you can head to this link – or, of course, you can simply check out the photo tutorial at the Fabricake website.

I also have a couple of cupcake options for you this year too, including the aforementioned Pumpkin Spice cupcakes, which you can see me making over on the Kenwood Kids Club YouTube channel, but if you want something really simple and child-friendly, why not turn your hand to my simple Halloween Mummy Cupcakes?

These have already proven very popular with some of our mini-chums and I’ve loved seeing the photographs of their creations, so do keep them coming! If you fancy having a go at them yourself, you can watch me make them in my latest YouTube video, which is available here.

Speaking of the Kenwood Kid’s Club, we’ve been enjoying a bit of a Halloween takeover all this month, and alongside our spooky cupcakes, we’ve also enjoyed whipping up a batch of Halloween-themed chocolate bark AND, in the final instalment of our takeover, this week I’ll be showing you how to make ‘Spookghetti and Eyeballs’, the perfect spooky dinner for a family Halloween at home.

So essentially, between my work over at the Kenwood Kids Club, my own YouTube channel and the projects I’ve created for some of my favourite brands, I’ve pretty much got all of the Halloween cakes and craft ideas you could possibly need for your Halloween celebrations all sewn up! I’ve yet to see anyone have a go at recreating every single project, but I think, if you do, I might have to rustle up some sort of prize…!

Oh, and before I go, this year, I was also thrilled to be invited back to take part in the annual Sugar Spooks cake collaboration again (which is now in its EIGHTH year!). The full collection of CarnEvil-themed creations will be going live at 5pm GMT TODAY, so be sure to keep an eye on my social media to find out what creepy creation has been keeping me busy recently.

Other than that, please do let me wish you all a fun – and safe – Halloween weekend and I’ll see you all on Sunday for my next YouTube video.

Until then… happy caking!


PS. I also give you a bit of a preview of some of these Halloween cakes and craft ideas (as well as the full Halloween Mummy Cupcakes tutorial) in my latest YouTube video, so feel free to check that out below…

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Meet Pascal – the Super Cute Puppy!

As part of my regular posting schedule, I will be featuring a guest tutorial on the fourth Tuesday of each month and, this month, I am so excited to introduce one of my absolute favourite people in the world of cake.

Vicky Teather of The Yellow Bee Cake Company is a multi-award winning cake artist and sugarcraft teacher based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. After completing a degree in Video Game Design, she then stumbled into the world of cake, swapping computer graphics for sugar artistry in 2011.

She regularly creates tutorials for a whole host of publications, including Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine, Cake Masters Magazine, Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine and Cake Decorating Heaven Magazine, and I am delighted that she has taken time out of her busy creating schedule to create a brand new and exclusive tutorial just for us!

As many of you will know, I am a biiiig fan of pugs and so, when I asked Vicky to create something for Mr Baker’s Blog, it quite simply had to be pug-themed!

In her first tutorial for Mr Baker’s Blog, Vicky shows you how to create Pascal, the super cute pug puppy – perfect for any dog lover in your life.

Isn’t he adorable?!

Click this link to head straight to Vicky’s Pascal the Puppy Cake Topper Tutorial right now and learn how to make a Pascal of your very own…

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New Tutorial: My Wood Effect Cake Board

One of the best tips I can give you to help you take your cakes to the next level is to cover your cake boards.

I’m sure you have noticed that many of the professional cakes that you have admired from afar all feature a thin coat of sugar paste, but why stop there?

When I am creating a new cake design, the board and its covering always factor into the decision-making process and a well-covered, textured and decorated board will almost always feature.

One of my absolute favourite ways to finish my boards is to use a realistic woodgrain texture, and a quick scroll through my portfolio (hit the link at the top of the page to find your way there) will reveal that this is by far the most common trick I use to bring both my sculpted cakes and even the odd wedding cake to life!

Of course, you can buy embossing pins, stamps, mats and moulds to help you achieve a wood grain texture, but I have found that I get much more realistic results doing this by hand and all you need are a humble dresden tool and a basic edge scraper or even a ruler. It really is that simple!

For this month’s free tutorial, I thought I would let you in on the secret of my favourite cake board effect and show you how I used just a few humble tools and my trusty Clairella Cakes airbrush kit to create the boards that have supported some of my favourite cake creations.

To create my Wood Effect Cake Board, you can check out the full tutorial here.