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Sharing Some of the Cake Products I Loved in 2019…

Yesterday was Friday and that meant it was time for a brand new video! Did you get the notification?

In my first video of 2020, I was sharing some of my favourite cake products of the last 12 months and there were some real crackers!

You can watch the full video right here, or head to YouTube to see it in its natural habitat at this link….

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Take your Mince Pies from ‘OK’ to ‘GOURMET’ with my latest video…

Yesterday was Friday and you know what that means… 😉 It was time for a brand new video!

This week, I’m showing you how you can use a couple of simple shortcuts to elevate the humble mince pie into something a whole lot better!

Click here to watch it in its natural habitat over on YouTube.

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My TOP TEN Christmas Gifts for Cake Decorators!

Have you been asked the dreaded question yet?

You know the one…

“So, what would you like for Christmas…?”

If you’re anything like me, then I bet your mind immediately goes blank – a complete mental block – and you can’t think of anything at all. As a result, I thought I would put together the ultimate cake decorator’s Christmas wish and that way, the next time someone asks you the dreaded question, you can get my latest video up and just shove it under their noses.

You can check out the video here (don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!):


In this week’s video, I’m also giving away a copy of Rhianydd Webb’s debut book, Cyril’s Cake Adventure, so be sure to head to this link and get your entry in

Click the image to enter…

So, what did you think? Did I miss anything important? What are you hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning?

Be sure to let me know in the comments over on YouTube and who knows… you might just snag yourself an extra little treat. 😉