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Let’s get creating…

So guess what?! You have a personal invitation to join me on Facebook Live! to help design a very special birthday cake – yep, mine!


And we’ll be talking all things BAKING IT too, right there on my page on Monday 22nd January!


We’ll be kicking off the action at 8pm, when I will be joined by none other than caking mega-talent Laura Dodimead of Life in Sugar!

The theme of the cake? Murder Mystery!

So get your thinking caps on – this cake will be a real team effort and you’re the MVP!

What could possibly go wrong… right?!!


See you then… x

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Well, I’m sold…

So last night, I had my introductory webinar to Baking IT, where I web-conferenced live with one of the co-creators, Sam and he demonstrated all of the different tools and functions the software provides.

All I can say is… WOW!

It’s actually incredible. Seriously.

When we began, I planned to be all ‘dedicated blogger-y’, with my notepad and pencil ready so I could take notes and ask ‘very pertinent questions’, but as he showed me more and more, I pretty much just stared in awe – notes forgotten.

As the blurb on their site says, Baking IT was created by cake makers for cake makers and it definitely shows. They have literally thought of everything!

You certainly end up with an interesting design when your experimenting with the limitless options available!

The bit that had initially caught my attention at the shows, the 3D Cake Designer, is only the tip of the iceberg and, if I’m honest, if I was a professional cake maker, I would be signing up. I’m practically having to sit on my hands to stop myself signing up anyway! And I feel like I need to make it VERY clear: I am not being paid to say any of this.

But please don’t just take my word for it – just make sure you join me for my Facebook Live! later this week and I will show you what I mean.

I just hope that I can remember even half of what Sam showed me!

It’s so good!

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Baking IT like a Pro…?

One of the fun things to come out of my blogging is that sometimes people ask me to try things out and share them with my lovely readers. I’m always up for new experiences, so if it piques my interest, I’ll usually say yes. One such example is when I was asked, a few weeks ago, if I would be interested in having a play with Baking IT Pro.I’d seen their stands at some of the cake events last year, so I had some idea of who they are and what they do. However for those of you who haven’t yet heard of this piece of kit, Baking IT Pro is a software program designed to support cake bakers and decorators with the business side of their… well, businesses. As I understand it, it allows them to design their cakes, costing them as they go and then share these designs and quotes with their clients.

Now, as you know, I’m not a business and I don’t have any clients, but I do often plan out my cakes in advance. So if a piece of software can make that process simpler and indulge my inner tech geek at the same time, it may well be something I could use regardless. And who knows, it might just be the piece of kit that some of my readers are looking for to make their business lives easier.According to the Baking IT website, the software allows bakers to:

– Manage Inventory & Expenses

– Add, Manage and Convert Recipes

– Calculate, Stack & Cost Cakes like a Pro – Easy Tier wise costing

– Add Pillars, Cake Boards. Colour, Rotate, Offset tiers in 3D Cake Canvas!

– Draw on Cake Sketches – Yes Draw! During consultations on your tablet with easy to use Sketching Palette!

– Calculate Cake Batter, Icing, Filling & Covering quantities

– Cost your bakery products like Cupcakes, Cookies, Macarons, etc

– Manage Contacts and To-Do Lists

– Send professional Quotes to your clients via email with your Business Terms, Drawn Cake sketch and Slicing Guides attached

– Order Management System with Acknowledgement Forms

– Business InsightsWhen you visit the Baking IT website, the first thing you will notice is that they display a selection of cakes that have been designed using Baking IT, so you can immediately get an idea of the sort of things you can achieve with the software. You will also see that they offer a 14-day free trial. I do love a free trial!

On sign up, you are encouraged to book a web conference demonstration with the Baking IT team so that they can properly introduce the software to you and show you how to use it (a nice touch, I thought), although you are welcome to have a play in the meantime.

Hopefully this means that I won’t lose hours trying to figure it out on my own because my web conference is scheduled for later today – something I was reminded of thanks to a handy email last night.

Once I have had my introduction to the Baking IT software, I thought it could be fun to use it to design a VERY special cake over Facebook Live!

It’s my birthday in just under two weeks, so I’m planning on inviting you all to join me to help design my own birthday cake, which I will go on to create and serve at a murder mystery evening for my birthday.

An example of a cake originally designed using the Baking IT software and shared to their page, by Kerry’s Cakes & Treats

Hopefully it will give us all a bit of an insight into what Baking IT could do for my professional cake chums and we can all have a bit of fun with it too. Please bear in mind my skill level though – let’s not get too crazy!

And make sure you subscribe, if you haven’t already, to ensure you don’t miss out!