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This is what happens when I am left unsupervised…

Ok, I can’t keep it to myself any longer…

With no spring cake shows in the UK this year and the countdown on to both the Irish SugarCraft Show 2018 and Cake & Bake Germany 2018, I must admit I have been sat here feeling a little bit green-with-envy watching everyone make their plans to head to either Dublin and Essen.

The guilty culprits…

With a little bit of time on my hands this week, thanks to the Easter school holidays, it has been increasingly hard to resist joining in with the fun and, following conversations with Kay Gajra of Kaykes and Milka von Essen-Vilovski of Cake Pirate, I have to admit I finally gave in and allowed myself to be convinced.

Yes, I’m heading to Essen! Eek!

While I think I have left it a bit late to take part in the show’s fantastic competitions, I am so looking forward to sharing all of the amazing competition cakes, demonstrations, products and more with all of you, via plenty of posts, tweets and maybe even a cheeky lil’ Facebook Live-or-two across the weekend.

And although I would love to be able to cover Ireland as well, I don’t think the bank manager would be quite so supportive of that ambition. Luckily, I may have managed to line up an undercover agent to report back on my behalf, so we will still get to experience the full craic of the Irish SugarCraft Show too.

So, who else is heading to Germany or Ireland – or who has been before? Let me know who or what I need to look out for, which demonstrations mustn’t be missed and how I can ensure I have the best time EVER!