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Rosie Cake-Diva – a one woman phenomenon…

What do you get if you cross a trained architect, a helicopter pilot, a multi award-winning cake-making genius and a much-sought-after television presenter?


Well if you answered anything other than Rosie Dummer, then I have to ask: where have you been? The chances are, if you haven’t heard Rosie’s name before, then you will at least know her by her caking alter-ego, Rosie Cake Diva.

A staple at many of the country’s cake, baking and food festivals, she is probably as well known for her inimitable presenting as she is her show-stopping cakes. In fact, with a 2017 presenting roster that included both of the Cake International spring shows, the Bolton Food Festival, the London and Manchester Cake & Bake Shows, the Kirkcudbright Food Festival, Eat Drink Fest, Cake International: The World’s Largest Cake Show, The Cake Masters Magazine Awards, a weekly cake and bake show on The Craft Channel and, of course, her own show on BBC Radio Lancashire, it might be fair to say that in some circles, people forget that first and foremost, Rosie is one of the brightest stars of the UK cake industry.

Thankfully her return to the latest series of Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers will soon put pay to that and I thought it was time for the rest of the world to meet the lady behind the microphone

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My latest interview is up… and it’s a corker!

When I started cake decorating, a little over three years ago, I relied heavily on online articles and tutorials to develop my craft. They are honestly a godsend to the new and uninitiated and I remain eternally thankful to all those individuals who give up their time and energies to share their knowledge and skills with the rest of us. One name that used to appear pretty religiously in all my search results was a certain McGreevy Cakes and a quick click over to Facebook revealed that McGreevy Cakes had about a MILLION page likes, so they clearly knew what they were talking about.


At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Shawna McGreevy, the talent behind McGreevy Cakes is pretty much considered cake royalty the world over and after falling very much in love with the fun and playful style of her work, I became a fan. Her jaunty tutorials on YouTube were fun and easy to follow and honestly, I just used to watch them for the sheer enjoyment factor – whether I planned to emulate the cake or not! She has since launched her own online cake school,, which has just celebrated its first birthday!

I was actually lucky enough to meet the legend herself a couple of years ago (although rather embarrassingly had spent most of the evening with her entirely unaware of who she actually was) and so began a much-valued transatlantic friendship. And because everyone needs a little sunshine in their lives, I thought it was high time I shared the gift of The McGreevy with the rest of you

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Something new…

When I was designing my blog, earlier this year, I had a clear vision for what I wanted it to be: I wanted to be able to bring people down the rabbit hole into the crazy place that is the cake world.

For those of us who make cakes, the cake world can be a bit of a lonely place – you spend a lot of your time alone, working in your kitchen, your cake room or maybe a commercial workshop, so the friendships and relationships that we form with an amazing network of caker friends are so important. Although we we predominantly communicate online, through Facebook groups and websites likes and only see each other a few times a year at various shows and events, we are constantly in each other’s lives, cheering each other on and supporting everyone’s endeavours.

I wanted to be able to share this part of the cake world with you all too and so what better way to do that than interviewing some of the amazing cake artists that I am lucky enough to call my friends?

At the top of the page, you will notice that a new tab has appeared: Interviews. And this is where I hope to be able to introduce you to Just some of the amazing people I have been lucky enough to meet on my caking journey.

To get us started, I sat down with the lovely Northern Ireland-based Cake Artist, Emma Stewart of Truly Scrumptious Cakes by Design, to talk beautiful wedding cakes, Snow White: The Grimm Obsession (her fabulous exhibit at November’s Cake International) and The Cake Retreat – her next big endeavour.

*whispers* And if you scroll to the bottom of the piece, you can also find a discount code to receive a MASSIVE 20% off The Cake Retreat – a saving of £250!

I hope you enjoy reading my first interview and I look forward to bringing you more in the future.