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Mr Baker’s Cakes MERCH is here!

Hey cake chums and welcome back to Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog!

Let me begin with a huge huge thank you to you all!

Yesterday saw me launch the brand new Mr Baker’s Cake clothing store over on my YouTube channel, featuring a small introductory line of original cake-themed t-shirts and the response has been absolutely amazing!

I thought I would come on here and let you know a little bit more about how this came about and a bit more information about my line.

So, as you probably already know, back in January, I launched my YouTube channel and, ever since then, have fully immersed myself in YouTube watching all number of creators of all sorts of genres from all over the world.

One of the things that struck me about many of my favourite creators was that they all developed their online offerings with a range of merch (or merchandise). Now, while a range of baking or cake decorating products might initially seem like a better fit for a blog and YouTube channel all about baking and cake decorating, as someone who loves – and I mean REALLY loves – a cake-themed novelty t-shirt, it struck me that there wasn’t yet a specific specialist store selling just fabulous and original cake-themed clothing designs.

Did anyone spot my designs in my social media posts over the last few months? 😉

Once this seed had been sewn, next, it was time to find an organisation to work with who would line up with my own very clear ideas about what I wanted my brand to look like and to represent – and it was there that I lucked out!

Practically on my doorstep, just across the water on the Isle of Wight, I discovered Teemill, a company that is completely committed to ethical and sustainable production and, within their wind-powered factories, all of their t-shirts are made using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed using a low waste printing technology.

As wastewater from dyehouse effluent is a major source of pollution in the clothing industry, when Teemill fabrics are dyed, the water is recovered, cleaned and recirculated and after settling and skimming, the water is filtered using reverse osmosis and distillation and all the cruddy mulchy stuff left over is dried out and used for road markings. At the end, the water coming out of the filters and going back round to be reused again is crystal clear and literally clean enough to drink – and it is then used again at the input for the next batch within a closed loop system.

© Teemill

When it comes to sending out your purchases, we are equally as environmentally conscious, using plastic-free packaging (some really rather funky paper wrapping) and, in fact, Teemill have recently been working on developing new stickers and packaging that is made from the recycled organic cotton offcuts from the process of t-shirt manufacturing too.

One of the most exciting things that they are working on though is a recycling process, by which every product is designed so that it can be sent back to Teemill when it is worn out and the materials can be reclaimed and used again. This is another benefit of using only 100% organic cotton during production, rather than supplementing it with plastic based materials.

You can read more about their sustainable production practices over at their website here.

As you can see, they really are a rather fabulous organisation to work with and I am able to rest easy knowing that they care about my products just as much as I do.

I have launched my new clothing line with a small introductory line of original cake-themed designs and these are all inspired by my cake journey so far. Be sure to check out my latest YouTube video to learn the story behind each design.

Men’s fit, women’s fit and children’s options are all available.

I don’t think I can actually choose just one favourite from amongst them, but I have certainly been enjoying wearing them all over the last few months! I am planning on developing and growing the store with more original designs and concepts over the next few months and I will also be adding more products to the line as well – I am already looking into hats, hoodies and aprons, so watch this space to keep up to date on any future announcements.


In the meantime, if you would like to get your hands on one of my brand new Mr Baker’s Cakes t shirts, you can visit my web shop by visiting the ‘SHOP’ tab at the top of the page or by clicking this link.

Thank you to everybody who has already placed an order – I really can’t wait to see photos of you in your new Mr Baker’s Cakes t shirts (be sure to tag me in your posts)!

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Time for a MEGA announcement…

Hey cake chums,

It’s Thursday and time for a brand new video over on my YouTube channel!!

I have been looking forward to this one for an absolute age because I am finally announcing the results of a project that I have been working on for months and months!

But no spoilers here, you’ll have to head over to my channel to check it out for yourself! 😉

Find it here: Baking Along with GBBO and MY BRAND NEW MERCH IS HERE!

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Enjoy… x