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Four years and 15,000 likes later…

Would you believe that last week saw the fourth anniversary of the birth of Mr Baker’s Cakes? Yes, it has been four years since my friend asked me to attempt a Frozen cake for her daughter’s birthday and I came over all Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and goodness knows who else besides…

That very first cake included my first foray into sculpting cake (the mountain), my first attempt at homemade modelling chocolate (the castle), my first attempt at piping (the least said about that the better), my first attempt at airbrushing (I really did buy ALL the gear for this one) and who knows what else (although clearly not modelling – check out those hideous knock off toppers)?!

I really did have to make a go of this new hobby of mine after the ridiculous amount of money I spent on that first cake, but fortunately it was not long after that that I discovered the amazing online cake communities that exist out there and the wonderful encouraging souls that you can find within them. They really spurred me on to have a go and try new things and before I knew it, I was creating cakes that I could only have dreamed of when I was just beginning.

And after the crazy whirlwind of cake shows, competitions, new friends, classes, dalliances with sugar floristry, modelling, sculpting, more than a few friend’s wedding cakes, some fabulous collaborations with individuals and brands, a ton of fabulous exposure in print and even on screen, thankfully, four years on, I still have just as much passion and excitement for all things sugar and sweet as I did back in those early days.

Even though things seem to be headed in a slightly different direction of late – less actual making of cakes and more writing about cakes – I still love getting to craft my sugar creations when I have the time and, rest assured, I am constantly fighting the urge to bake and create, so I can’t see me stopping any time soon.

It seems incredibly apt that this weekend also saw my Facebook page hit its next milestone in terms of followers (only fifteen bloom’ thousand!) and I am so grateful that you have all come along for the ride with me – and stuck with me through the various different avenues that I have explored. I can’t wait to see where this crazy sugar rollercoaster takes us all next.

Thank you so so much – my love and appreciation to you all… xx

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Unlucky for some…

…but not for us, because we are now a baker’s dozen-worth of issues into a weekly slice of Something Sweet.

It’s a mammoth one this week with two glorious collaborations, a thorough update on the Rolkem-saga from all parties involved, Janette MacPherson shares her must-have cake tool, we take a closer look at Floren Bastante and, of course, there are oodles of lovely cakes!

Find it here!

I also want to add a quick note to say thank you to all the people that have got in touch over the last 13 weeks, to those who have subscribed to Mr Baker’s Blog and to those who have been sharing my weekly round up newsletter. The more readers and subscribers I have, the more amazing opportunities I get to create fun and interesting content, so I am so reliant on you all for your continuing support. Massive thank yous to you all!