Chocolate Grinch Cake Topper – by Laura Dodimead

With the release of this year’s The Grinch, based on the 1957 book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!‘ by Dr Seuss and with Christmas fast approaching, 2018 seems like the perfect year to add some Grinchy fun to your festive bakes.

Luckily, Laura Dodimead of Life in Sugar is on hand with a brand new tutorial exclusively for Mr Baker’s Blog, which will enable you to create your very own 9” Grinch cake topper from modelling chocolate using just a kitchen knife and a paintbrush!

I often describe Laura as one of the busiest ladies in cake, because, when she isn’t creating her edible masterpieces, she splits her time between a part-time job as a retail manager at the gorgeous Hatchlands Park, a tattoo apprenticeship at Needlework Tattoo in Lightwater (which I have experienced firsthand – read all about that here), teaching classes at her stunning studio in Badshot Lea (yeah, I’ve been there too – read about it here), writing her monthly column for Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine – essential reading for any caker worth their salt –and raising her two beautiful daughters.

Read on to find out how to create Laura’s fabulous Grinch, just in time for Christmas!

To make your own Grinch cake topper, you will need:

Consumables Required:

  • 400g Saracino White Chocolate Modelling Paste
  • Saracino Powder Colour – Red
  • Saracino Powder Colour – Green
  • Saracino Powder Colour – White
  • Saracino Powder Colour – Brown
  • Black edible food pen
  • Blue edible food pen

Equipment Required:

  • 3” polystyrene egg
  • Wooden skewer
  • Paintbrush
  • Knife

Step 1:

Begin by cutting a wooden skewer in two and push half of each length into the base of the polystyrene egg.

Step 2:

Colour the majority of your chocolate using the green powder colour.

Step 3:

Next, roll two flattened cone shapes for the feet.

Step 4:

Place the exposed ends of the two skewers into the wider end of the cone (see image for guidance).

Step 5:

By hand, flatten half of your coloured green chocolate. Lay it over the egg and, using your fingers, begin to work it down over the egg to cover the polystyrene completely.

Step 6:

Use the palm of your hands to blend any joins and leave the surface smooth.

Step 7:

Roll some more of your chocolate into a sausage shape.

Step 8:

Wrap half of the sausage around the wooden skewer of each leg, blending it together and into the foot and body so all the seams have disappeared.

Step 9:

Take a large ball of green chocolate and roll it into a long teardrop shape.

Step 10:

Flatten the base, making it wider.

Step 11:

Pinch the edges of the base of the teardrop to thin them out.

Step 12:

Place this on the top of the chocolate covered egg to make the top of the torso, blending these together.

Step 13:

Add another thick little sausage for the neck ensuring a good blend.

Step 14:

Add two small balls on either side of the torso and blend these in to form some shoulders.

Step 15:

Roll out two long thin sausages for arms.

Step 16:

Use your knife to cut in some fingers.

Step 17:

Attach the arms to the shoulders and blend them in.

Step 18:

Bend one arm up so that the hand is resting on to the shoulder (see image).

Step 19:

Roll a ball for the head and shape the top to be thinner than the bottom.

Step 20:

Pinch and rotate the top to form a point.

Step 21:

Pinch the bottom to add a little definition.

Step 22:

Roll a small ball of chocolate and add to the bottom of the head to create a snout and blend it in.

Step 23:

Use your little finger to create some eye sockets.

Step 24:

Form a frowning mouth by pushing your thumb below the snout.

Step 25:

Take some white modelling chocolate and roll two small oval shapes for the eyes. Place these in the eye sockets, ensuring they are fairly close together.

Step 26:

Draw an iris onto the eyes with your blue edible pen and then add a black dot in the centre with your black edible pen. Use another tiny bit of white chocolate to add some shine to the eyes.

Step 27:

With your green chocolate, roll two small semi-circles for the eyebrows and position them.Make sure you slant them down towards the centre to form a frown. Texture these with your kitchen knife.

Step 28:

Take some more green chocolate and fray the edges, before wrapping across the shoulders for extra fur.

Step 29:

Darken a small piece of your green chocolate and roll this into a small oval. Place on the snout to form the nose.

Step 30:

Roll out a tiny thin sausage of pink coloured chocolate (using a combination of your white and red dusts) and taper to a point at both ends. Place this over your thumb mark to add a frowning mouth.

Step 31:

Make fur lines around the face with your sharp knife.

Step 32:

Lighten some of your green chocolate with the white powder colour, rolling some thin hairs to be added to the top of the head. Blend these at the base.

Step 33:

At this point, I decided to remove the nose and lay some of the lighter green over the snout and above the eyebrows to add depth to the face. Smudge the paler chocolate into the darker colour, adding texture with your knife.

Step 34:

Place the nose back in position.

Step 35:

Add a little of the darker green to the chin and hand-shape it to form a downturned mouth.

Step 36:

Finally use the knife to create a fur texture all over the body.

Optional extra: Use your powder colours to add some depth and shading to the topper.

To present your topper, you could add him to the top of your Christmas cake, but why not carve a small cake Santa sack to really increase the wow factor? Simply cover the carved cake in red modelling chocolate, drape the top over the Grinch’s shoulder and add a little bow.

Thank you so much to Laura for creating this exclusive Chocolate Grinch Cake Topper tutorial just for us. He is fabulous!

As always, be sure to get in touch and let me (and Laura) know if you have a go at her gorgeous Chocolate Grinch Cake Topper tutorial! We love seeing what you’ve been making at home!

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