Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers – by Sarah Bray


The warm weather has finally arrived and what better way is there to celebrate than a set of glorious, colourful picnic-themed cupcakes?!

I am thrilled to welcome Sarah Bray to Mr Baker’s Blog with her first ever tutorial! Sarah’s cute and adorable Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers would be perfect for any spring- or summer-time celebration and she assures me that they are much easier than they look!

Sarah is an award-winning cake artist and tutor from Wokingham in Berkshire. A former teacher (like me!), Sarah had always enjoyed all things artistic and making cakes was something she used to do for fun. It wasn’t until someone approached her to contribute to a pamper evening at the school (where she sold out of everything) that she realised that she was actually pretty darn good at it. Eventually she started her business, Daisy Cakes and, as she continued to refine her skills, Sarah realised she really enjoyed making cupcakes and in particular miniatures.

I am delighted that Sarah has agreed to create her first tutorial exclusively for Mr Baker’s Blog and I am confident we’ll be seeing a lot more tutorials from this hugely-talented lady!


To make Sarah’s fabulous Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers, you will need – 




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Step 1:

Start by cutting out 4 circles from your green sugarpaste, using a 58mm round cutter, and leave these to dry completely. Meanwhile, cut out four 4cm squares of red modelling paste. Using a small round plunger cutter, cut out 9-10 white circles and arrange them across two of the blankets, before attaching with edible glue.

Step 2:

Add the detail on all four sides of each blanket using your stitching tool. Glue the blankets to the now-dry green toppers.

Step 3:

To make the grass, roll 3 little pea-sized balls of green modelling paste into teardrop shapes in the palm of your hand and stack on top of one another. Use a knife to trim off the excess. Attach to the edge of the toppers with the spotty blankets. Make two for each topper.

Step 4:

Add little white daisies to the edge of the plain blankets using a small daisy plunger cutter, rolling small yellow balls for the centres.

Step 5:

To make the cookies roll 2 pieces of golden paste into 1cm balls. Flatten slightly using your finger and use a ball tool to add texture.

Step 6:

Break off small pieces of dark drown paste for the chocolate chips and glue on to the cookies.

Step 7:

Arrange the two cookies onto one of the spotty blankets and secure with edible glue.

Step 8:

Next, using your fingers, roll a 1cm thick sausage of blue paste. Cut off two pieces approximately 1cm in length and taper the bottom in slightly to make a cupcake case.

Step 9:

Add a small ball of golden paste (flattened slightly on one side) and attach to the cupcake case you have made.

Step 10:

Using a 1cm blossom cutter, cut out two white flowers and glue to the tops of the cupcakes. Finish with a small red cherry. Attach cupcakes to the topper with the cookies.

Step 11:

To make the napkin, cut out a 3cm square of thin white paste and fold over 2 diagonal corners slightly. Attach this to one of the toppers with the plain red blankets.

Step 12:

To make the sandwiches, first cut out two 16mm (ish) squares of white paste (approx. 2mm thick) for the bread. Cut another square the same size in golden yellow and lay this diagonally across one of the pieces of bread.

Step 13:

Take a small piece of green paste and, using your thumb and index finger, gently pull out the paste at the edges. Attach this to the top of the cheese.

Step 14:

Cut out 4 red circles using a 1cm plunger cutter and attach on top of the lettuce. Top with the second piece of bread.

Step 15:

Using a sharp knife, cut into two triangular pieces and attach to the white napkin with edible glue.

Step 16:

For the crisps, pull off some small pieces of golden paste and soften the edges slightly with your fingers. Arrange these in between the sandwiches.

Step 17:

To make the plate, cut out a thin circle (approx. 23mm in diameter) and soften the edges using a ball tool on a piece of sponge. Flatten slightly with your finger and leave to dry, while you make the cake.

Step 18:

For your cake, cut out two 2cm round pieces of golden paste (5mm thick). Cut out another white circle and a red circle using the same cutter and soften the edges of both. Layer the cake up with one golden sponge layer then the red and white circles. Lastly attach the second golden circle.

Step 19:

Finally dust the top of the cake with cornflour and attach the cake to the plate. Stick this on to the other spotty blanket.

Step 20:

For the picnic basket, roll a ball of golden paste about the size of a cherry tomato and use your thumb and index finger to shape into an cuboid.

Step 21:

With a sharp knife, cut away the sides with a diagonal cut to leave the basic basket shape and squeeze the edges of the basket again to define the shape.

Step 22:

Using the thinner end of the leaf-shaper or dresden tool, mark horizontal lines across the basket and then add in the pattern in a brick wall type design.

Step 23:

Cut a thin piece of white paste slightly bigger than the top of your basket and stick this on with sugar glue.

Step 24:

To make the basket handle roll or extrude a piece of golden paste into a thin sausage. Bring the two ends together and start to twist the paste.

Step 25:

Bend the handle over into an arch shape and cut to the size of your basket. Secure to the basket with sugar glue.

Step 26:

To make the apples roll 2 small balls of red paste and 2 small balls of green paste. Use a small ball toll to indent the tops slightly for the stalks. To make the stalks roll little pieces of dark brown paste into tear drop shapes in the palm of your hand and stick into the apple pointy end down. Stick 3 apples in the basket and 1 on the blanket.


And there you have it, your very own Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers!

Thanks again to Sarah for creating this exclusive tutorial just for us. The Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers are adorable!

As always, don’t forget to get in touch and let me (and Sarah) know if you have a go at her darling Miniature Picnic Cupcake Toppers! We love seeing what you’ve been making at home!