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Something Sweet – a statement…

Hey cake chums,

Something Sweet – a statement…

As you may have seen on social media yesterday, I have made the reluctant decision to temporarily suspend publication of my weekly online magazine, Something Sweet.

I am only too aware that social media is currently awash with COVID-19 related content in many forms and the negative effect that this is having on our collective mental health and wellbeing.

With the reduction in content output from bakers and cake decorators over the last week or so, due to cancellations and suchlike, I am mindful of the potential for sparsely populated issues to become yet another source of negativity, which is the sole reason for this short term suspension.

I am hoping that as people adjust to our new, temporary way of living and begin to use this time to channel their creativity into something positive, such as skill development or attempting those bucket list projects that we never usually find the time for, we will be able to resume normal services sharing and celebrating cake artists around the world once more.

It is important that we continue to pursue our passions as much as we are able over the coming weeks and months of uncertainty and I continue to be committed to my passion of bringing our cake community together and sharing all of the wonderful and amazing things that you are all doing every single day. It is truly a privilege to be able to do just something small to connect us all with our friends around the world and, with that in mind, I am keen to resume normal services as quickly as possible.

So, as always, please do continue to share what you are doing with me: the cakes and bakes you are creating for your family at home; the small acts of kindness that you are sharing with those in your immediate environment; the once ‘put off’ projects that you are now turning your attention to; and the steps you are taking to develop your skills in this unexpected period of isolation.

Our global community is going to be more important to us than ever over the next few months and, if I can be even a little bit responsible for helping to unite us during this unprecedented crisis, I will be truly honoured.

In the meantime, do stay tuned to my other online platforms – social media, the blog, our weekly Twitter #cakershour and my YouTube channel – where I will be continuing to share daily new content as normal.

And most importantly, take care of yourselves and those around you, keep following the advice we are being given and stay safe. We will get through this together.

Much love, Rob xx

PS. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing mums and other primary caregivers out there in our wonderful caking community!

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Time For a Mammoth Serving of Something Sweet

Hey cake chums!

Welcome back to another issue of Something Sweet, from Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog… Your weekly slice of all the latest news from the world of cake.

Something Sweet - Issue 77 Cover

It’s been a busy ol’ week over at Mr Baker’s Cakes HQ, with The Cake Professionals Conference, The Cake Professionals Awards, an exciting meeting with industry types, THREE new blog posts AND a brand new video, but don’t worry, I’ve still found time to scour the world wide web for all the tastiest news from ‘Planet Cake’ for this week’s Something Sweet magazine.

As always, we have a whole host of your favourite features, stuffed full of beautiful cakes and bakes; and this week, we even have the chance for you to learn how to make one of them yourself, thanks to our cover star, Emma Stewart of Emma Stewart Cake Design’s upcoming Night School 2.

Speaking of learning, we’re also checking out the huge variety of courses and classes on offer from accredited Cake Dutchess Instructor and Cake Minds Teacher, Xenia Robeson of Xenia’s Cake Creations and I’m also launching a new venture of my own – I hope you’ll join me!

And don’t forget to check out this week’s Something Sweet Cake of the Week of course!

But enough from me, I’ll let you enjoy the issue – you can find it at this link.

Rob xx

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Get involved in Something Sweet!

One of the most common questions that I get asked after each new issue of Something Sweet – the FREE online magazine from Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog – gets published each week is, ‘How can I get involved with the next issue?’

After sending out the same reply over and over, I thought I would take to the blog and pen a quick guide to let you know exactly what you need to do to share your projects with the rest of planet cake and, of course, help me ensure that each new issue in jam-packed to the rafters with exciting, relevant and topical content each week.

Regular readers of Something Sweet will know that each issue follows a fairly standard format, with reliable features returning week after week. These have evolved over time to provide an opportunity to showcase as much of your news as possible.

Just some of the features you can get involved in:

HAVE YOU HEARD? – Do you have some exciting news about something that is happening in the industry? Perhaps you are launching a new event, product or service? If you think it’s interesting, then the chances are that everyone else will too!

THE CAKE SHOW SHOWCASE – Are you putting on a fabulous cake, baking or cooking event? Do you think that the readers of Something Sweet would enjoy it? Then be sure to tell us all about it – and Something Sweet readers are based all over the world, so don’t think that we only want to hear about UK events – we want to hear about them ALL!

I WANT TO MAKE THAT! – Have you created a fabulous recipe or tutorial that you would like to share? Or have you tried somebody else’s recipe or tutorial and been thrilled with the results? Then this is the feature for you! Get in touch and tell us all about it!

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT – Each week, the Artist Spotlight feature shines a light on a cake artist or baker who has undertaken a special project above and beyond their usual weekly routine. Whether it’s creating an extra special cake for a high-profile event or client, building a new cake studio or displaying your works in a gallery (just some of the Spotlight Artist stories we have shared so far), then let Something Sweet help share your successes far and wide! Celebrating amazing cake artists is what I love the most about writing Something Sweet each week!

MEET THE MAKER – It seems to me that imposter syndrome is widespread pandemic within the cake world (trust me, I suffer from it too) and almost every artist I speak to seems to think that they don’t deserve the success and recognition that they have earned – which, by the way, is nonsense! Meet the Maker gives us the chance to get to discover new cakers from all over the world – whether they’re just getting started on their cakey journey or have been creating for years and years. If you would like us to get to know you a little better, drop me a line!

OVER ON THE ‘GRAM – Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and, even though I have been using it for a LONG time now, I still stumble across fantastically inspiring creators every single day. In Over on the ‘Gram, we ask: Who inspires you on Instagram – whether cake related or not? Share your favourite feeds with us all and let us enjoy their creations too! Sharing is caring after all!

A CLASS ACT – We all want to develop our knowledge and skills within baking and sugarcraft and one of the best ways to do this is by taking a workshop or a class with the artists that we look up to and admire. Thanks to social media algorithms though, in can be tricky to know who is teaching where at any given time – so if you will be teaching or hosting a class and think that people will want to hear about it, let me know!

THE COLLABORATION STATION – Have you produced or been involved in an amazing collaboration? We want to hear all about it!

WOW CAKES – You know those cakes that just stop you in your tracks and make you go WOW? Well, those are what I like to call ‘Wow Cakes’ and this feature is your chance to show them off  – it might be one of your own creations or it might be one that you have seen online – either way, if it has wowed you, then it is a WOW Cake! Share the love!

Cake of the Week – Each week, we award the Cake of the Week to a cake artist who has created a beautiful REAL cake for a client, a customer, a family member or even just for fun. This is a fabulous chance for you to nominate one of your peers for a bit of well-deserved recognition. After all, being recognised by your fellow artists has to be the ultimate compliment.

If you have a contribution that you feel might not fit into one of these regular features or you simply have more to say, don’t panic. It is merely a basic format and can always be adapted to include other one-off features. I also welcome guest posts on Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog too. If you would like me to publish a comment piece, a tutorial, a recipe or coverage of an event, experience or even just a topic you are passionate about, get in touch – and if it’s a little bit… controversial, you can always be the next iteration of The Secret Caker.

To submit your contributions for Something Sweet, there are a whole host of ways to get in touch: you can message me through my Facebook page, post in the dedicated Cake Chums – with Mr Baker’s Cakes Facebook group or simply by emailing me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Are you up to date with the latest issue of Something Sweet from Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog? Check it out at this link!


BRANDS & ORGANISATIONS– if you have a product or service that you feel should be seen by my growing audience of approx. 5000 cake artists each month, then let me know. I am always happy to consider reviewing a product or service that I feel will be of interest to the readers of Mr Baker’s Cakes: The Blog and I also offer very competitive advertising rates within Something Sweet magazine itself.